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Anuther good day


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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
Turned loose on a fresh bobcat this morning.Dogs jumped him within 15 min.and the chase was on he didn't go far and started circling right of.Nice small tight circles in some very thick spruce.By the time we got the cat 4 of us had shot at him.
and each one tipped him over and drew blood.
(9 lives)He is a 20# tom.The next cat had a mission he was on and lined out about 3 miles and into a rock farm.LOL The dogs had him in a cave just big enough for the cat.
On the way home we cut a track of the biggest bobcat I have ever seen in my life.I swear his track in a frozen snow sled track is as big as the end of a soup can.It was 2 days old and headed into some big woods.We tried to cut him again on some other roads and trails but it got dark on us.Hope he moves tonight and we can find him tomorrow.

We having fun yet//Tobey
I guess thats a good day!!!I tell you,its a lot of fun listening to the dogs for sure,thats why we all do it.But when its hunting season it sure is nice to touch off the gun sometimes too.
Dale make sure you save some easy ones for us huh.I am dying to get up there.I will call you tonight.
Forgot to ask you,who did you have for dogs on the cats?.I'm not running mine this weekend so they will be well rested when we get one going.You dont think we will havce any trouble finding a fresh track do you???
George we had Lucy and Paul Lanys' Susie.
They ran some good together shoulder to shoulder.Lucy is going to make one heck of a good cat hound.I don't think we will have any trouble finding a track LOL.

We having fun yet//Tobey

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