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2024 Turkey Season!

Got one this morning,got the feathers off and in the freezer.A good sized Tom and I was eyeing it for a long time.I was going to shoot one female,she had babies with her.I knew to leave that one alone,4 good sized babies
Set up this morning across a dried up flooding plain. Right off a bunch of gobbles from across the creek and up the hill and another lone gobble about 50 yards down. The lone Tom which is a Trophy Tom stayed put while the 2 year olds traversed the low land and jump the creek. One ended up @ 10 yards. Jake which will make for some good eating.
Now I know the big Boy roosting area and strutting zone. I might be able to call him on down. I don't think the pile of jakes will stick around that area.
Close quarters combat this morning. Son was steady on the trigger and kept his cool until after the shooting was over.

20240420_085745.jpgHis bird nearly flopped in the blind with us.
Cold and windy, but makes for better memories.
Got birds cleaned, ate a quick lunch, then it was off to play his alto sax. Kid cleans up better than his old man.
We just got back what a great time. These birds were tough. Let's just say birds 8, Pete 0. My wife and I were into them until noon the first day and 10 AM the second. We chased a half dozen of these western birds in the woods but I couldn't close the gap. Day two we had a plan. I had a pretty good idea where bird number one was roosted the day before, so I planned to set up a couple hundred feet away. I was close. Actually too close. We set up almost right under him. Lots of excitement though. Cathy had a ball. It was her first time going after the birds. The kids had fun too. My son in law did not even get a gobble the first day. So day two I told him where to go. I had two birds in this spot the day before. Well, he had four jakes in a group the following morning but at 60 yards and they were too close together.
The camp was ridiculous. This wall tent stuff is plush. Thank God. It got down into the teens at night and in the morning. It was nice to have heat and room to hang out.

Cathy was like, "so what's our next camping trip going to be?"34977.jpeg20240420_074811.jpg20240419_133654.jpg20240418_191346.jpg
My wife and i took a trip down to central OK on a swap hunt. We couldnt have asked for a better hunt....ok less wind would have been good, but really cant complain. My bird came in screaming at about 1030. My wifes hit the ground at about 430. Mine had a 3" beard (beard rot) and 1 1/4 spurs. Wifes bird had 7" and 9.75" beards and 1 3/8 spurs. To put icing on the cake, this tom completed her grand slam.


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Good luck!

Wrapped up at noon, 15 birds seen, at least 11 unique. 5 jakes at 85, they seemed wary and didn’t come in. Toms were henned up the whole time.

Earlier in the week I hunted one of my fall spots. Saw 6 birds feeding on the way in but I pushed forward too close and got busted. Later called in 2 other hens.

2 more short evenings on this tag, and with any luck I’ll come across some mushrooms too.
My ol pal Phil, we've been hunting together for 60 years. Drop a nice mature Tom. He called in 3 plus a few hens and Jakes. He was done by 7 AM. While I hunted till 10 on the other side of the farm. Came up short but good morning talking to Birds.


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We’ve been working a group that’s barely leaving the only piece of private for miles. Called one of them in to 55y on public Friday, but totally obscured except top of head and top of fan when he’d strut. Eventually spooked.

Worked those birds from the backside of the private this morning. No dice. Heard a different bird gobble WAY away pretty early (~1mi and 900 vertical feet below us in a canyon) but kept that one in our back pocket until we made sure the private birds weren’t going to play nice. Decided to wander back toward the canyon bird.

Struck the canyon bird again about 1/2 mile away (still 900’ below ) and decided to dive down after him. Struck him again at 500y and again at 150. Called him to 25.

Son in law took the shot through a soccer ball sized window in the deadfall above him in the picture. Awesome hunt. Even better given a front range OTC bird 15 miles from home as the crow flies. And my tag remains, so plenty of time to go find another.

Didn't start hunting until 12:30. No responses to the always deadly shaker call in the first draw. Strolled over to the second draw and when I hit the shaker the whole draw lit up with gobbles, purrs, and clicks. A little fine tuning with the slate and bam, this happened:


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