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2023 Archery Roosevelt

Nice bull! Thank you for sharing.

I love the dark mane and antlers. Are Alaskan Roosevelt's different from Oregon Roosevelt's? I've only seen this one from OR, so my observation is purely anecdotal.

Does the OR Roosevelt have longer, thinner beams while the AK's have shorter, thicker beams, but obese and bigger-bodied? Or is the OR Roosevelt just bigger all around? What else?
Thanks! Unfortunately I don't know anything about the history of Alaskan Roosevelt's so I can't answer your questions. I have always used the smaller of the two prongs provided in the Elk size Skull Hooker to hang my Roosevelt's but for this bull I had to use the larger Moose sized prong. Once they get a little age they are really enormous animals! That picture doesn't do justice to the body size of this bull unfortunately, two of us tried to move him into a better position but it wasn't happening.
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I missed this when you first hunted, but that is a damned nice Roosevelt! Congratulations. (Also, I’m jealous of your being “unburdened by employment.”)
Really cool bull.

Always wanted to have tule, roosevelt, and rocky mountain next to eachother for reference.
Me too! I've got a couple dozen Rocky Mountain elk antler sets hanging in the trusses in my garage, and I guess I could go on a DIY Roosevelt hunt in Washington or Oregon, but I think I would have to win the Lottery to afford a Tule hunt.

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