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    2020 Controlled Hunts

    Check your accounts results are coming out. No elk or Turkey tag here still pending draw results for deer. My father in law drew Wichita NWR elk tag.
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    Howdy from West Texas!

    Welcome aboard from Oklahoma.
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    Howdy from N. Texas

    Welcome from just north of the border.
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    Boar Hunting

    Find the public around the lakes and rivers in Oklahoma and you'll find pigs or at least sign.
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    First Rifle

    I was given a single shot 410. and 22. for Christmas when I was 5 (only a couple weeks from turning 6). Guns where always in our house and gun safety was driven home early and personally feel I was ready. By 8 I was allowed to take my 22 in the backyard (200+ acres with no neighbors)...
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    Elk results tomorrow for WY

    Unsuccessful for both my type 1 and 6.
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    It is a beautiful spot and fortunately on public land for everyone to enjoy.
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    Sunday Pic of the Day

    Took my crew to the swimming hole.
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    Family medal returned
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    Hello from NE OK

    Welcome aboard from a fellow okie!
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    Family medal returned

    They don't know who donated the medal it was found in the pocket of a uniform luckily with paperwork identifying who's it was.
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    Just a fun day of crappie fishin'

    That'll make a fish fry congrats.
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    Family medal returned

    My mom was contacted by a goodwill in Arkansas today apparently some of her uncles things were donated including his purple heart. Thankfully they were able to track down the next of kin my mom and aunt using paperwork found in the trunk. My family and I would like to thank those people at...
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    Antelope Horn Art

    I'm gonna have to make some of those they look amazing.
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    Colorado "Governor's Tag" Raffles

    Just got another sheep ticket and added a pronghorn ticket.