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    Ammo aplenty! IF....you're into 9mm!

    Paducah, KY Academy had plenty of 556 and 7.62x39. Absolutely zero handgun ammunition
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    Update--Should I Trade In My Semi-Auto For a Side-by-Side

    Newer mossbergs are not what they used to be. Havent heard as much the last 5 or so years but I also do not know of anyone willing to try them again
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    Update--Should I Trade In My Semi-Auto For a Side-by-Side

    I show up to the gun club with my $500 20ga weatherby and shoot just as well as the guys with $3k custom guns
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    Update--Should I Trade In My Semi-Auto For a Side-by-Side

    Well, I didnt end up with a sxs I've been lucky enough to stumble into several good side jobs this year and ended up having enough money to buy any shotgun under $3g's. After many many trips to gun shops, reading online, and asking questions on HT, I narrowed down to Benelli M2 or Beretta...
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    What are you guys paying for gas?

    $2.79 Benton, KY
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    Paint garage floor?

    There are slip resistant paints available. May be able to add sand to the paint as well. Of course it could still be slick at times but the pros out weigh the cons IMO
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    Bucket list.....

    Alaskan cast and blast - harlequin and king eiders Sitka blacktails And whatever fish are biting
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    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40 CDS-ZL For Sale

    Have the same scope and had the same problem. Removed all scope rings and bases from the gun then put them back on a little over torque spec and it was fixed
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    Rings and Bases recommendation

    It is a 7 Rem-Mag Zero complaints from me so far. I purchased it at the beginning of 2020 so I havent shot it as much as I'd have liked, but with the 50 or so rounds that have been down the barrel I have had zero rifle problems. Did have flyers every 4th shot the first time I took it out but...
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    Rings and Bases recommendation

    Like my Leupold mounts on my vanguard thus far
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    CO Springs - What to do?

    Honestly I do not know much about CO COS seemed like a better choice then Denver, where my wife wanted to go
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    CO Springs - What to do?

    Thanks for all the info! I want to see as much landscape as possible, but my wife is not as active as I am (she's a author). Already have Scheel's, REI and Sportsmans Warehouse on the list since we don't have any of those stores here. The updated itinerary is as follows in no particular...
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    Time to start with Jack's upgrades

    Agreed! Looking much better

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