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  • We "had" a tag for 680. We were up there Thursday to Sat. I had planned on being up there through Sunday, my buddy (with the tag) for 10 days. We were able to find a 190 3/8 Ram on Friday.

    We shot him in the Bullwacker Rd area - about 2-3 miles North of the river. I can't remember the exact road / drainage.

    We didn't see that many sheep - 3 rams total in the group. 1 young ram, an older ram that was heavy but didn't carry his mass like the big ram (he was probably in the upper 170's, low 180's).

    What area's did you guys hit last week? The rain / mud really hindered our movement on Thursday.

    I'm more than happy to pass along info. I'll talk to my buddy tonight - he'll probably be willing to talk on the phone if you want.
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