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    28 Nosler Ammo help

    Thanks, I’ve seen the brass as well. A video posted by Nosler a couple weeks ago said they started shipping. However, the dealers that I’ve spoken to say that their distributors still have not received any.
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    28 Nosler Ammo help

    Has anybody actually been able to find 28 Nosler ammo since they reportedly started shipping a couple of weeks ago?
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    Nosler shipping 28 Nosler ammo/brass

    I hope we see this ammo soon.
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    28 Nosler Ammo help

    I'm running into the same issue. I called Nosler yesterday. The Rep on the phone stated that there was an issue with their brass supply. However, they expect a shipment within an week and will be running ammunition immediately. His best guess was that the suppliers should be receiving their ammo...
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    Alaska DIY Brown Bear - Papa Bear Adv.

    Keep us posted on how you do. I'm looking into a DIY Moose hunt in the near future. Hoping to get some good info and suggestions here!
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    Tent decision

    Thank you for helping me understand that.
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    Amazing pics! Thanks for sharing!
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    Tent decision

    Quick question.....Since I'm not familiar with Tipi's I'm guessing that they would weigh more (maybe considerably) than the Hilleberg?
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    Amazon Prime - Season 4 of Fresh Tracks now available!

    Great news! Will be watching today! Keep up the good work guys!
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    First do all pack

    I'm a PA guy as well who hunts out west fairly often. Like others have mentioned, buy a quality pack up front and you'll be very happy. I own several brands and this year I purchased an EXO 5500. I should have done this a long time ago! Took it whitetail hunting this year and it performed great...
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    So long TV - Hello Amazon

    Can't wait to check out the content on Prime!!!!
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    Best 2-Way Radios For Hunting

    I have several brands of radios. It seems that we always migrate back to the Motorola’s. They make some fantastic radios and some that are even waterproof now. A good pair can be purchased for less than $100. With the Motorola’s you can whisper while talking with exceptional clarity and volume...
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    Exo Mountain 5500

    Got my new EXO 5500 early last month and have used it a few times so far in hunts. By far the most versatile, well-made, comfortable pack I’ve ever used. I like the pack so much that I plan on buying a 3500 this year as well! Great packs, and great company.
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    Standard Rebarrel a Rem 700 or Rem/Age

    I like to keep my old guns just that....if they have any sentimental value for me. With some of the offerings today I would consider buying new. Unless you want to totally change things and basically just use the action on your 06. Good luck!
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    FS: Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50 Boone and Crockett Reticle

    I’ll take it! Send me your info. Thanks.