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    My 13 year old nephew....

    prayers on their way
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    Colorado Draw Summaries

    I wonder what the time-value of money adjusted cost of the resulting tag will end up being including all the points.
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    Dad Joke thread

    Pull my finger . . . . .
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    Apartment bird dog

    English Labs are good for pheasant and waterfowl, and as driven hunting dogs go, if you go to a good breeder, they tend to be calmer than most. Maybe think of getting a started English Lab or an adult English Lab from a family that is moving etc - as after the first two years they can be down...
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    This person has issues.

    Must have married a girl from Chicago.
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    Bullet flight

    I can't speak to bullets, but more generally spinning cylindrical objects that fly in an arc do tend to exhibit an "axis tipping" phenomenon as long as they are spinning fast and are otherwise stable. Apparently, when the axis of the cylinder is no longer aligned with the axis of its path there...
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    Barnes 140 Grain for Elk?

    You can expect more recoil from the 168, but not for quite the reason you are suggesting. The extra mass of the bullet increases the recoil, but the reduced speed lessens it. It typically nets out still leaving the heavier round with more recoil than the lighter one. Different powder choices...
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    Barnes 140 Grain for Elk?

    Shooting 150s fast is ideal, 168s will be fine but not necessary given 99% retention of mono bullets.
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    COVID-19 Humor. No politics, no typing, no replying.

    This has gone from humor to lighten the mood about covid, to political commentary on the recent race-related protests. Definitely off track. I am going to have BigFin close this out, it has passed its useful life. Buy hey, we made it over 50 without a melt down, not too bad.
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    Beyond max length but .050" off the lands

    All 5 of my TTSX loads are showing a ring - the rings are to reduce bearing surface to minimize pressure and copper fowling, they have nothing to do with proper seating depth.
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    Help decipring WY draw odds

    Because there is a second draw pool your screen shot doesn’t show - the random draw for that unit/tag type. In your example there we 19 preference point tags available which allow us to back calculate that there were 6 (or 7 depending on the rounding rules) tags give out at random. In your...
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    7mm rm or 300wm for close range

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    Big Buy Gear

    In my experience, First Lite sizing is the most friendly to those who could lose a few pounds.
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    When testing new hunting loads how many rounds of each load?

    I am not doubting what you saw, just trying to figure out what law of physics accounts for it.
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    Monster Pike what's Your Favorite Lure ?

    Artificial - The Len Thompson 5 of Diamonds Bait - 8" sucker minnow on a bare hook.