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    Free Access On Private Lands In Wyoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know of a rancher who tracks the herds on his ranch. The rancher allows hunters on his ranch to take cows only. The cow hunting is free. All the bulls are taken for money. At lease you can take a cow. There has been some issues with hunters that were given access taking a bull instead...
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    Drop Hunt

    Please provide the group on your description of a successful elk hunt and a successful deer hunt. What will you settle for? If you will not shoot anything under a 300 inch P&Y Bull then the answers could change. If you would kill anything in the species of elk then the answers will definitely...
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    Question on Cold Weather Tents

    Here is a phone number of a family that builds wall tents. His lives in Washington State and his local number is 360-817-9124 is toll free number is 1-800-490-7046. He will build anything you want and will tell you the pro's and con's of your design. He has three different types of material...
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    Jamie or Bryan Navarro

    Send me an email once you get registered and log on. It was fun calling in your bull and I want see how big it was... Later TheHunt
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    How many coolers to hold an elk?

    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hunterman: Hey Doug,,what size of truck are you comming back in?? If both you and your partner gets an elk, thats alot of meat to take back to Pa. in coolers...I'd look into a small chest freezer. Up to a 15 cu. ft..That way when you stop for the...
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    Cool Sound

    This is an excellent recording of a double bugle. Very nice find... TheHunt
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    Help with elk near Bonners Ferry Idaho

    I need some help... At the last moment a friend of mine talked me into going to Bonners Ferry Idaho for an ARCHERY ELK hunt. I leave this Friday to hunt the three day weekend. I just got off the phone with the Forest Service Ranger Greg Johnson and an Idaho Fish and Game agent Mark Taylor for...
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    elk calling for beginners

    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hunterman: Bearsniper,,I'd get ahold of Berry Game Calls in Medical Lake,Wa. I'm sure they can put you in the right direction... Hunterman(Tony)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Since you are close enough to Glen Berry, I would suggest you give him a call as...
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    reloading dies

    I just purchased a Remington 270 Mtn. Rifle for my son. We are going to start shoot varmints as soon as we get it sighted in and work up some loads. I have one gun (Rem 7 MM Mag), which I have hand loaded for this rifle for the last 15 years. What company builds the better reloading dies...
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    New Mexico draw is on web

    New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish 2003-2004 Special Hunts Unsuccessful Another sad day... TheHunt
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    BOW or Rifle ?!?!

    Bow for elk as normal... I will be hunting with my son this year for the second time. He is getting a 270 with a Leapold varX I - 3 X 9 scope for his birthday July 3rd. Been kind of fun with him dropping hits. Of course we do not pay any attention to his hints. TheHunt
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    Whats going on ?

    Went to my daughter’s basketball tournament and watched them get their lunch handed to them. Then between games we went for drives and saw a small bull just starting to branch at the 4 X 4 size. Not sure what he will be in a month or so… TheHunt
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    Eastmans Journal - Hunt Talk Journal?

    Good read and great pictures. TheHunt
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    A great outfitter!!! yea right.

    It used to be that most guides were in it for the fun and they could make a little money on the side. The problem is that more are in it for the absolute money and not for the fun of it. The guides are marketing more BS and the clients are expecting more. The results is what you received as a...
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    what would you do?

    School is absolutely huge in my household. I would do exactly as some of previous post has stated and talk to the teacher to find out the details of the C+ grade and the difference between the B- and the C+. If the kid gambled on just getting by and miss calculated. I would try to make...

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