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    Idaho Deer Tag Question

    From Page 110 of the Big Game Regulations: Leftover Controlled Hunts Second drawings: To ensure everyone has equal opportunity at leftover and unclaimed controlled hunt tags from the first drawing, there will be a second application period from August 5 through Midnight Mountain Time August 15...
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    Rifle Season Recap

    Glad we got to hunt together this year. Hopefully we can do it again. Congrats on the successful season!
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    What are your 2020 plans?

    ID Trophy Species Application ID Deer Unlimited CH Tag ID Non-Res Leftover General Deer Tag ID General Season Elk Tag MT Deer MT Antelope (PP) WY Elk, Antelope, Deer (PP) SD Deer (Points) UT Deer, Elk, Antelope (Points) CO Deer, Elk (PP) OCT- ID deer hunt x 2 NOV- MT deer hunt and ID elk hunt
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    Wild game consumed in your home

    Family of four, eat on average 1 elk, 1 mule deer buck, and 2 WT/MD doe each year. Raise our own beef, but once or twice a year will buy Wagyu steak/tri tip/brisket. Chicken is the only meat we buy at the store. Luckily we have had salmon, halibut, cod, and rockfish the past few years as well...
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    Worst thing you've forgotten before a big hunt trip?

    Left my clothes bag sitting on my bed a few years ago. Was hunting for a week in borrowed clothing at camp. Couldn't believe, especially since I double checked to make sure my boots were in the cab before I left the house.
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    Idaho Muzzy Deer 51-1

    Sounds like you had a fun hunt! Thanks for the update.
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    Top 5 Tags

    My 5 would be: 1. WY Antelope 2. WY Elk 3. CO Deer 4. MT Antelope 5. WY Deer Between 5 different point positions, you could hunt 1-2 a year pretty easy. I work what I would apply for to draw vs build points based on my hunting goals for that year. I also hunt in my home state every year, so...
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    MT Antelope

    Drew my first MT Antelope tag. Built a couple points up and was successful on the first try. I hope Montana continues to be good to me this year. 1 deer tag and 1 antelope tag, just need to hit the hills and enjoy the animals.
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    What States Have You Hunted

    ID- Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Whitetail Deer MT- Whitetail Deer AK- Moose MS WY- Antelope
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    Blacks Creek Cure Lumbar Pack

    I bought my wife one, she likes it, although for packing elk she wants to get a frame pack instead. We use a now discontinued pack from LL Bean for packing meat. The Cure Pack is good for packing smaller game like antelope and deer. Works great as a day pack though!
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    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    I would like to have a fishing cabin with boat in SE AK, a condo or villa in Italy, and a condo/apt in Mexico, Central or South America upon retiring. Spend Jan-Mar down south, Apr-May in Italy, Jun-Aug in AK, Sep-Dec in ID. Rent/Air BnB house in Idaho, Italy, and down south when not living...
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    Mystery Ranch or Stone Glacier

    I flew to Bozeman a couple weeks ago and went to Stone Glacier HQ and Mystery Ranch HQ. Mystery Ranch sent me to Schnee's in Downtown Bozeman because they are revamping their showroom. I tried on both companies packs and I will be going with a Stone Glacier Xcurve frame. It was the most...
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    ID Big 3 Deadline Tomorrow

    No luck for me, always next year. Good luck to those that drew an Idaho OIL!
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    Any ladies looking for an elk hunt?

    Someone is tired of being the little spoon...
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    Help!! Vortex viper 4-12x40

    Recheck your torque on your rings. Vortex scopes are very sensitive to being torqued over specs when adjusting for elevation. I had the same issues a few years ago on my wifes' rifle and it was fixed by retorquing to correct specs.