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    What is the 1 rifle you regretted buying or wished you never had bought?

    Wish I never bought my sako finnlight in 7mm rm. The gun shot great but the ejection issues I had with it and money/time I put into fixing it were not worth the head ache. I was ecstatic to sell it and just cover the cost of my x bolt hells canyon in 7mm-08 which I have been incredibly happy with.
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    Shortest recovery distance EVER.

    I spined a doe a few years back (steep shot) and it fell over and died right there. The necropsy showed that I had clipped a lung too so it ended up dying shortly after it fell over.
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    QAD Ultrarest HDX

    75$ shipped $$SOLD$$
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    QAD Ultrarest HDX

    Up for sale is a gently used QAD Ultrarest HDX black right handed model - 90$ shipped within the US (paypal goods/service fees included in price) Would also consider trade towards a two pin bow sight I bought it this January but was gifted a different rest and went with that one instead. I'd be...
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    WTS: Complete G17 gen 3 KE Charlie Slide with RMR cut

    Up for sale is a KE charlie slide with a KE upper parts kit, Silco threaded barrel, KE lower parts kit (includes KE carry trigger and 3.5/5# trigger bars) and Ameriglo combo sights (Standard height) Pictures of KE slide and LPK The RMR cover plate and rear sights have some marks from...
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    WTS: Sako 85 Finnlight 7mm RM with NEAR MFG 10MOA rail

    RIFLE IS SOLD (has been shipped and received by the new owner) Scope rings and Rail still available
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    Whats your 2019 plans

    With another kid on the way I am probably going to be doing NJ archery deer (unlimited doe tags makes for a full freezer) and POSSIBLY NE mule deer if I can get baby #2 sleep trained by then. More realistically: just NJ archery. I will throw some money down to build points in WY for...
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    Broadhead for elk, deer and pronghorn

    Ive had the most luck with two blade rage broadheads (chisel point and this year the trypans). Keep in mind these are for east coast whitetail so YMMV for heavier bodied animals.\ If I end up drawing for archery elk/muledeer I would most likely moved to a fixed like bone broadheads or iron will...
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    Nosler brass & bullets on sale at Cabelas

    Thanks for the heads up! I just replaced my 7mm rm with a 7mm HT and needed to scoop up some 140gr accubonds. Ended up being cheaper than buying blems!
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    Welcome Nosler Bullets and Ammunition

    I do all my own loading and I cant say enough good things about the accuracy and performance on game that I get with accubonds.
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    WTS: Sako 85 Finnlight 7mm RM with NEAR MFG 10MOA rail

    No longer pending, still available E: Price Dropped
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    Hello from Cat Lady, NJ

    No, but I have lots of evidence to support the claim that all of them originated from here.