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    NM Unit 24

    Welcome. Can’t provide any help but I’m interested to hear how the hunt goes.
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    Assessment of Used Compound Condition

    Do you plan to hunt with it or just start shooting to see how much you like archery? If the string/cables look kinda fuzzy they may need to be replaced. Hard to tell from the photos. Given the age I probably wouldn’t make a whole lot of upgrades or spend a ton of money on it. I wouldn’t...
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    Second Choice Antelope

    Potential to kill any future opportunities at 2nd choice tags :oops:
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    Goofy headline about Wisconsin had me all excited. ‘Wild West’ I wish. I’d be all over those $37 antelope tags, moose apps . . .
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    Second Choice Antelope

    2018 and 2019 2nd choice bucks. Probably looking at a third choice this year. We’ll see if we’re as lucky this year - hoping we’ll be OK if I don’t lose the hat.
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    New or used InReach?

    Tell the guy $200 or buy new. I’ve got a couple year old Garmin 64s (I know, not the same utility as an InReach) that was used twice and I can’t get any takers for less than half what I paid for it on sale.
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    Cartridge Selection - AR

    I’d suggest “Cartridge Selection - BAR”
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    Load for Pronghorn

    I use my BAR in 7mm (my only legal rifle as well) and Federal Power Shoks for everything. The bullets are 150 gr soft points I think. When those run out I’ll switch to Federal Trophy Coppers and shoot those at everything assuming they perform like all the other Federal ammo I’ve used. I’m...
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    10 WY points - Unit 62, 64, 67 or 68?

    If you really want to go this year you might reconsider 62. You might not pull that tag with 10 points if the unit sees a bit a creep.
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    3 lopes, 3 states one week, can it be done?

    Hunt the CO tag and pick up a couple WY doe tags this year in the unit you’d like to buck hunt in WY next year. Hopefully you’ll come home with three antelope and some knowledge for next year’s WY buck tag. Maybe fill some time fishing or grouse hunting. Then next year grab your two buck tags...
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    Success Rates in Eastern WY

    Depending on what you’re looking to get out of the hunt, I wouldn’t say they are a must. If you’re on a budget, or just looking to fill a tag or two, 8x will work. I’ve used 10x and 12x and prefer the 12x.
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    Success Rates in Eastern WY

    Note that the success rates are extrapolated. It’s not a physical count of every animal tagged as it is in some eastern states. The WY method will result in a larger margin for error vs a state such as WI that requires registration of every deer, turkey, bear, etc that is shot. Also, given...
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    Unit 10 wyoming deer thunder basis grasslands

    You can hunt the Black Hills of WY on a second choice and continue to build points. I wouldn’t worry about a few hours. Good luck
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    Elk results tomorrow for WY

    On the bright side, my refund and my antelope app will be on the same credit card statement which will more or less result in no impact to my bill.
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    Antelope Rut

    The biologist I talked to in WY said the end of September in to the first week of October.