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    Wisco archery buck

    You did a fine job with Photoshop. It looks like that horse actually has antlers. :unsure: My point is...that's a dang big deer. Congrats!!! On a side note, that looks like an awesome place to call in a turkey in the Spring.
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    Model Seven .260

    The Model Seven is also offered in the 6.5 CM.
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    Whitetail action heating up?

    Got 2 more months before the rut starts here.
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    Stock upgrade for Weatherby Vanguard - Hogue or Bell and Carlson?

    I don’t have a Weatherby, but do have B&C and McMillan edge stocks. The B&C stocks are a better fit and ergos than the McMillan. All my B&C stocks were drop ins and required no fitting or bedding whatsoever. The B&C stocks that I have are as light as the McMillan edge stock that I have. B&C...
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    High wind whitetail’s

    If the wind blows all night and the next morning, I've noticed deer will be moving late to mid morning even if the wind is still blowing. I've had great luck doing this over the years. Isn't the rut going on up there right now? If so, I'd definitely be in a stand.
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    Flying in and out of JFK with a rifle

    I watch TSA open my gun case each time, but no one has ever unzipped the soft case to look at the gun. Lol
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    Sighting in new bow..10-20 yards

    My bow is 0-30 and is not overly fast. I would ditch the 10 yard pin.
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    Flying in and out of JFK with a rifle

    I don't know how they would know if mine is loaded or not. I've never had any TSA agent check my rifle whatsoever.
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    Model Seven .260

    The Remington Model Seven is very accurate, handy little rifles. I love all of mine.
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    Is it too late to move stands?

    There's nothing wrong with hanging and hunting the stand as soon as you hang it. I've had great luck doing this in the mornings before daylight and afternoons.
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    Remington Model Seven SS 7SAUM. I have reloads for it, but was actually using factory ammo. The ammo was Remington Premier 160 grain Partitions. The elk dropped within 30 yards.
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    Sell me a warm coat

    I like Drake brand clothing when weight is not an issue. I like the MST full zip.
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    Lol. Technically, they were on. The full length leg zippers weren’t zipped. Haha
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    Another "What should I get" thread

    I’ve been having great luck with Remington Model Seven SS rifles in 7SAUM, 7-08, and 308. I find them to be very handy, accurate rifles.
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    I deer hunted in there a couple of years ago. Every time I went in there, I saw elk. Up until the morning I shot my elk, I couldn’t find any. This was the second year of seeing sign(mostly big rubs) and not being able to find elk. I was really starting to get discouraged because we were...