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    Nosler Accubond 140 grain vs. 160 grain-Elk

    If the 160 is equally as accurate, I'd shoot it. My 7 SAUM shoots 140 and 160 grain Partitions/Accubonds equally as well. I'll be using the 160 grain Accubonds this season for elk.
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    Boot Waterproof Products

    I've used Kenetrek, Obenauf's, and Sno-Seal. Sno-Seal is the best I've used by a long shot.
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    Preseason Rifle Regimen

    I usually shoot a 3 shot group at 200 yds a couple of days before the season. It's usually still 1,000 degrees here to do too much shooting much earlier. Lol Last year I killed 3 bucks(two 4.5 y/o and a 5.5 y/o) and they were all inside 100 yds.
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    Snake questions

    They must be different where you've been compared to where I've been. In my experience, rattling is the snake's last resort. If you hear a snake rattle, you're already too close to it. Heck, I've had one strike and crawl off without rattling.
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    Ammo and Optics for 7mm-08

    I’ve got a Remington Model Seven SS with a 20” barrel in 7-08. Here’s my setup: Leupold VX3I 3.5-10x40 Talley lightweight rings 140 grain Partitions/Accubonds
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    Headlamps for under $100

    Mostly, I use my Streamlight headlamp because of the green light option. A set op batteries will last me a couple of seasons with a lot of use. However, I love my Zebralight for some serious bright lights when needed. I wish I had it when I was still duck hunting.
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    Seating Depth

    Sounds like a good load that’s smoking right along.
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    Seating Depth

    By in large, Nosler's listed COAL has been very good for me.
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    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    I want to take my Dad to a Green Bay Packers game. Which reminds me, I've got to start looking for tickets.
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    Stock Question

    I've only had B&C stocks and haven't had any issues with them. I like them. They have been completely drop in for me with no additional mods needed.
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    Seating Depth

    I've gotten tighter groups by just changing primers.
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    Duck Hunting Boats HELP!

    I've always wanted a GatorTrax boat with a surface drive motor.
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    7mm-08 Interlocks for Elk

    My shotgun pattern is tighter than my groups with the American whitetail ammo in my 7-08. Lol
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    7mm-08 vs 25-06

    Dang it, I forgot about that. Sounds like a great excuse to start reloading. Or for moving. Lol
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    7mm-08 vs 25-06

    Find what your rifle likes, then buy a bunch of it off the internet. I wouldn't let what's available locally determine what rifle/cartridge I bought.