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    Welcome to supersider34

    WElcome aboard Super. Hey I have a question for you. Do you hunt in Unit 53? and if so can you give me a place that I can start scouting to find some elk because me and my Dad would like to hunt Bull elk next Year and that unit looks like it will be the best unit to hunt and far as hunting...
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    Celeb hunt, who would it be?

    JIm Zumbo
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    What would you do (5)

    I agree. I always tell my hunting buddoes to back me up in case I make a bads shoot. So far we have not have to do that. But you never now. That my opinion is that you keep shooting until the animal is down. Steve.
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    Sounds good to me. My wife will be off of work by then to so it should be a lot of fun. Steve
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    I ride to IF sounds great. It will be fun to me some other hunters here in Idaho. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Steve
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    would you take 'im?

    where is my gun.
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    I am game for anything that we have going on for Friday. Steve
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    Welcome "THE KNACK"

    welcome to the board.
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    Dads 5x6

    Hey mini moose give me a call this weekend and I will come and get ya. phone is 238-2615
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    good luck man
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    Dads 5x6

    Hey Mini I have access to a scanner if ya want to hook up we can get them scanned and posted in not time. Let me now my email is millstev1@yahoo.com. Steve
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    Bannock Zone Cow Elk Hunt

    thanks guys that info will help me and my dad out. Thanks. Steve
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    I had to move!!!!

    Welcome to Pocatello. I also moved my family back here but for other reason.
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    Idaho Elk Hunting (Snake River Tag)

    Ok I am starting the planning for next years hunting here in Idaho and I want your guys opinion on the Snake River A tag. So questions that I have are WOuld hunt unit 53 or 63? What are the herds like in those units? What is the terrain like? And any other info would be greatly appreciated...
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    Bannock Zone Cow Elk Hunt

    Hey guys I thought I would give this a try. I am trying to help my dad fill his Bannock zone cow tag and he did not luck out on the rifle and we still have the muzz season left. Any how I was just wondering if anyone in that area has seen the cow down low yet or if there is a landowner that...