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    Lucky Draw - Mule Deer Hunting Brain Picking

    Damn dude I've been after that tag for years...good luck and welcome to hunttalk! Might want to consider September before they all go into pre rut, Muleys can be tough in mid to late October.
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    Dams That Never Were

    Yep for sure the longest remaining free flowing river in the state. Idiots from my county are pressing this dam. They are quite ignorant as a whole. There is important Roosevelt elk and Blacktail deer wintering habitat at stake in addition to all of the fisheries issues. The one hope here is the...
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    WA Griz reintroduction halted

    Grizzlies Around St. Helens and Adams? No. Wolves are a different story, different thread. But no griz. The closest I have been to one in my lifetime is in Montana.
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    Please welcome...

    Off you go on your life's adventure! Congratulations!
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    TrickyTross 2020 Season, no elk, maybe mule deer

    Yep, pretty tough, I've been summerrun fishing 10 times now on the coast and SW this summer, three different rivers and no fish to show for it yet. I hope they can recover.
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    Berry ID?

    Here is a berry thread highjack; The first mountian blackberries of the season picked on the 4th of July.
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    Mule Deer - Idaho

    Met a really nice IDFG warden last fall - in season hunting. He must have thought I wasn't too smelly or ugly, he gave me his number, which has led to a couple of new waypoints to scout out for this year! Heading out in three weeks to get my boots on the ground there. Just got to get out in...
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    Mule Deer - Idaho

    Idaho is not far for us in WA, you need to take a trip or two. Google Earth and onX can help a bunch but you gotta get your feet on the ground to really dial it down. As mentioned above IDFG has some good planning tools for free, along with a list of their regional office numbers, I have got...
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    Idaho deer?

    I did some serious scouting in that area, even rescued a couple of old fart who had a flat in the middle of nowhere and got a marked up map. In the end quite a bit of private land was an issue for me.
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    This years bounty from the garden...

    Wondering about weather patterns this spring around the west? Very wet here on the coast, the garden has not needed irrigation even once.
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    My hunt is in jeopardy

    Dang - get well quick you will be back!
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    This years bounty from the garden...

    Here is this years version on the 21st of June.
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    Idaho Results Out?

    No luck here at all in 2 different states this year, time to start scouting my new choice OTC area.
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    The waiting game for Idaho...

    Before the 4th would be nice.
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    You got a few tears flowing with this one, now to the work day. thanks for sharing your memories.