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    2020 oregon results

    Nothing for me.
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    Bears - Trophy Rooms

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    2020 Spring Bears Thread

    I've yet to see my first bear but I haven't been able to get out as much as I should. This coming week should be good if the weather isn't too nasty...
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    Spot and stalk spring bear tips

    All we can do here on the Oregon Coast is spot and stalk and I can always find a nice bear to kill if I put in some time. The spots you mentioned e-scouting are exactly the spots I would hunt around here. I usually can kill a bear in April but would imagine up North bears might be a little later...
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    Still working?

    I'll be working with very little difference to how we operate. We did close the fish hatchery to visitors but we don't typically get many until summer anyhow. Wife is home since all schools in Oregon are closed down.
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    Best way to spend $1200 and the kid's $500

    Should we get any money it will go in the savings account to pay next years tax bill. Surely that will go up if we are handing out money to people who don't need it.
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    Best Muzzleloader Bullet for Bull Elk?

    Another Thor fan here. Here in Oregon I have to shoot the 247 grain hollow points but if legal I would go with the 250 grain with the plastic tip. Probably not much or an issue as the hollow points grouped excellent when I had a scope on my gun dialing in the load. Often touching at 100 yards...
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    Any-Species Western Big Game Hunt - Season Advice?

    Whitetail over Thanksgiving would be my first choice. Spring bear somewhere with a mild climate the first week of April would be fun too.
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    Outdoors Career

    I work for state fish and wildlife agency raising salmon and steelhead in a fish hatchery. It's always allowed us to live in rural communities where there are not a lot of other job options. It's a job with a lot of challenges and I can say I've enjoyed going to work most days! Never going to...
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    ODFW Seeking Hunter Comments on Deer/Elk Season Structure

    I think your right on the money on habitat being a top priority. Because it's certainly a limiting factor and it's very socially acceptable in that it doesn't just help huntable wildlife. I doubt we will ever see hounds again for sport hunters but the state does have the authority to use hounds...
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    Washington lion

    Definitely something I need to get done! Way to go.
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    ODFW Seeking Hunter Comments on Deer/Elk Season Structure

    It seems to me that moving to more primitive weapon hunts would be one way to reduce harvest (which is badly needed) while still allowing some hunting.
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    How many deer on average do you see per hunting day?

    Very interesting thread... I hunt Oregon coast Blacktails every year. When I was a kid in the late 70's we would always see 20 plus a day regardless of conditions. This year I hunted 9 days with a controlled late season muzzleloader tag and I saw 4 deer in 9 days of hunting. When I hunt general...
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    My sons' elk season

    Great year for your sons!
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    CVA Wolf

    My CVA Optima shoots 247 grain solid copper Thor bullets really well with 120 grain (volume) of Pyrodex Select. It seems odd to me that Montana would not allow copper bullets with all the anti lead talk going on. If you ever plan on using it in another state I would highly recommend the Thors...