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    My sons' elk season

    Great year for your sons!
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    CVA Wolf

    My CVA Optima shoots 247 grain solid copper Thor bullets really well with 120 grain (volume) of Pyrodex Select. It seems odd to me that Montana would not allow copper bullets with all the anti lead talk going on. If you ever plan on using it in another state I would highly recommend the Thors...
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    Wife's first antelope!

    Really cool! Looks like she was having a great time. Congrats!
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    First Bear

    Congrats! Spring bear hunting has become one of my favorite hunts of the year.
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    Oregon’s Up next !

    I drew Muzzleloader Pronghorn and Blacktail tags.
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    Shed hunting elk!

    First time I've seen one.... My wife and I hiked in to check a trail cam tonight and found that a Roosevelt bull had brought us a shed and dropped it right in front of the camera.
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    Thanks Dwight Schuh!

    Sorry to hear that Dwight Schuh passed away today. He was definitely one of my biggest inspirations when I took up archery hunting back in 1987. Just a great man who was always humble and loved to hunt. I remember being totally defeated after the first week of elk season and reading one of his...
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    2019 oregon spring bear,,changes made

    I can't really guess how changing the SW hunt to a controlled draw will effect the odds but I would imagine that most tags will be at least a little easier to draw this year given the change of moving away from actual water resistant tags and many license agents dropping out. A lot of older...
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    2019 oregon spring bear,,changes made

    His explanation makes no sense. As it was at least the tags were purchased. Now people will do what they do with all the other Spring Bear hunts. Get drawn (and take a tag out of someone else hand) and then not even purchase it. The hunt I apply for usually has about a 25% un-purchased tag rate...
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    One Less Wolf in Idaho

    Well that seems like a fun trip even if you didn't get a deer! Nice work on the wolf.
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    Oregon Elk

    Sounds like a great hunt. Congrats!
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    A tribute to my brother

    Always good to have someone watching over you when your hunting...
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    Taking a kid to Church

    I wish I would have had someone to take me to that Church when I was a kid. Pretty cool!
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    2018 Roosevelt Elk Hunt: Live

    Hopefully today is the day! Weather is better down in Oregon anyhow.