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    Burris Fullfield

    I have 3 of them in various powers. I think they are good for the money especially if you can pick one up on expertvoice. I got 2 with the illuminated reticles. Nice option for low light. No issues with holding true after a few yrs of use on different calibers. None on big mags.
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    Removing brain

    Take your cordless drill with a 3/4” wood bit, insert into the cavity hole and drill away and “ blend up” the brain for a minute or so. Flush out brain with water. Using our sprayer pump-modified shower produces enough pressure to flush out brains.
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    Need a new pocket knife

    Look at Benchmade bugout folder. Its crazy lite and sharp for around $150
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    Blackhorn 209 in stock

    Cabelas in woodbury mn has 12 bottles in stock for $65 as of tonight 8 oz
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    Colorado Unit 2 Bull Muzzy tag

    I hope some old guy that hunted it once and will never again hunt it is willing to help you guys out. Good luck and post pics this fall. I’d go un guided as well!
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    Flatlander's First Elk Tag: CO 49

    I agree with above. You guys were on elk. Go back to those areas. Also with bow tag, it will be deciding which week to go. I was there in mz last yr. Pretty quite and Hot! If going bow, I d probably go 3rd week , during week and not weekend. So dont deal with cycle traffic/or additional local...
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    Christensen arms

    Ive been around a few now and they all have been great shooters and pretty easy to come up with a accurate loa. Only knock on my ridgeline is I wish they would go with a little better quality stock for $2k. Such as the adjustable on the mesa LRs. Ended up getting a gamewarden stock.
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    150gr Nosler Accubond LR in .270 on elk

    So dig on my response , but your second paragraph is that the bullet will kill an elk. Thats what the Op asked. Shooting deer at 50 yds is not the same ask an elk at distance. Your bullet likely may not have stabilized yet at that range. These bullets will kill at extended ranges like others...
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    Got my first Wyoming elk tag. Unit 35. Now What?

    Wyoming allows options. Other states only allow 1week to hunt. You miggtvwantvto really consider taking 2 different weeks to hun. If not , What’s your bow shooting/hunting skills? Rut will be active but your range is limited. If only a week, may want rifle for the extra range.
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    150gr Nosler Accubond LR in .270 on elk

    Use it! Quit listening to internet pros. Obviously its not a 1000 yd setup that all good hunters are using. It will kill elk if put in right spot
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    7mm-08 reloading question

    Imr 4350 45.5gns with 139 interbonds Unknown velocity out of a Abolt, but shooting 1/2” grps
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    Interesting Idea on NR license fees

    I’m all for equal pricing. WI has some of the biggest bucks in The US and it costs a non-res $160; yet when I go to other states it costs 3/4 times as much for same animal. It wouldn’t be a computer mess. You have to state residency when buying and price would be applied accordingly. People...
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    Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x 50 V Brite

    I think the center part of reticle is a little large. I dont care for the brightness adjustment being on the top of scope. For a little more money, I like the Burris Fulfield w/Ill. Brightness adjustment is located on side, where parallax normally is. I think the Ill. reticle appears crisper at...

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