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    BLM Grazing Overhaul

    I really wish grazing could be used as a tool to allow more public access onto private land. Drives me nuts when ranchers complain about too many elk or deer on their land but they graze their animals on public land. Not sure how they could manage it but I feel like if they graze public land...
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    2019 Breaks Sheep hunt

    You were in good company. Scott is hands down one of the best dudes I know. I was thrilled to see him take a good ram
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    MT Snowies elk

    I’ve heard rumors of some of our wardens doing it so I’d feel pretty comfortable doing it
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    MT Snowies elk

    Actually that is not what it says. If you fly for the purpose of spotting game, you are correct. If you fly directly into an area, you can hunt that same day
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    homemade broadheads for hunting

    This is awesome. I have thought about making my own points as well. I had thought about turning some broadhead adapters down in a lathe to remove the grooves and then tig welding the blades to them. Looks like your process works quite well
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    Ever kill a lion off it’s kill?

    I kicked a lion off a kill earlier this year but wasn’t able to put a camera on it until 3 or 4 days later. By that time it had eaten about half the deer but I did get one pic of it coming back in. Good luck!
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    338-06, I think this is the one...

    This cartridge has been on my list of wants for a long time but I haven’t made it happen yet.
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    Kenetrek resole?

    I own two pairs of whites for my normal job any they are great but I’m not a wildland guy. I’m part time on a city department so my whites don’t do me a whole lot of good there. Steel toed whites aren’t something I would like to wear around the woods when it’s 0 degrees out either...
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    I agree there are many culprits for hearing loss. I wear hearing protection more often than most and even wear it if I vacuum the house. I know, a little overkill, but why not? That’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m not saying suppressors are the answer but what am I saying is why not promote...
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    You are typically a person on this forum that I highly respect. I’ve learned a lot from what you’ve written on this forum and usually appreciate your contribution but I must say, you sound like a f***ing moron right now. Nobody is talking about going deaf. There are thousands of people with...
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    I think if a guy builds his rifle right, you wouldn’t notice any change in balance of the rifle. 30338 is on the right track with his. I don’t carry my suppressor into the woods often but I sure love shooting with it one there. I keep toying with the idea of cutting on my 6.5 barrels down to...
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    Kenetrek resole?

    I can’t really speak to the quality going downhill but you may be right. I did hear on a podcast with a sheep guide from Alaska that they see more failures with the kennetreks than any other high end boot. Not trying to talk bad about them as they are a super comfy boot for me, but it is what it is
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    Kenetrek resole?

    What makes me mad about the rebuild is there’s no way for them to fix the area on the heel which is where my boots leak. I think I’m done running kennetreks. They’ve been a good boot but being firefighter/emt I can get deals on other boots. I can almost get a brand new pair of boots for what a...
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    Carbon is corrosive and can eat away at your crown
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    Who else is running heavy/high FOC?

    How did you perform your tests?