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    Suppressor Tax Stamp

    Getting a suppressor doesn’t require a “permit”. Buying a used suppressor is the same process as buying a new one. Fill out a for 4 and wait. If he’s giving you a decent price break, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a used one.
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    WTS Manfrotto 190xprob and 498RC2

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    WTS Manfrotto 190xprob and 498RC2

    Price drop to $185
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    WTS Slick Trick 100 gr standards

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    WTS Slick Trick 100 gr standards

    How about $60 shipped. Will be the one and only price drop
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    WTS Manfrotto 190xprob and 498RC2

    Looking to sell my manfrotto 190xprob tripod and 498RC2 ball head. Both are in good shape and function as they should. Looking for $200 185 shipped for the combo.
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    Random Sheep Hunting Pics

    There is some nasty country around that airstrip...
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    Anybody mess around with hand loading sub-sonic rounds for bolt action rifles?

    Never messed with it. If I was going to try anything subsonic it would be a .300 blackout or a .308. Are you thinking of just playing around with it or did you have a specific use in mind? Do you have a suppressor?
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    WTS Slick Trick 100 gr standards

    I’ve got 9-100 gr slick trick standards that are just sitting in my archery box that need a new home. All in good shape. Sold
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    Montana surplus tags going random draw system

    Eh, doesn’t seem that bad to me....
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    Colstrip, MT area mule deer hunt

    I have a feeling you’ll be tagged out on the ranch in the first few days if this is your first mule deer hunt.
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    Dropped rifle (oops)

    Nothing detrimental is going to happen to your rifle because of that chip. I would make an attempt to prevent rust but it’s going to be strictly cosmetic in my opinion
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    Dropped rifle (oops)

    Nope. Shoot it
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    Longer bullets destabilizing downrange?

    If you’re concerned about it why wouldn’t you just drop a weight class? At 3-400 yards I don’t see a 175 partition in any scenario having an advantage over a 150.
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    Montana mountain goat hunt unit 323

    I wouldn’t wait for the snow. I’d plan on hunting that unit in mid to late September before the snow gets too bad. Dedicate as much time as you can to it and don’t shoot the first goat you see unless you’ve spent a lot of time scouting. Milk it for all it’s worth, you may never get this...