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    Starbucks Strike

    Isn’t it funny how things than literally be black and white and people still choose not to follow it? If I ran a company and had a manager constantly losing grievances, they’d be looking for a new job….
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    Starbucks Strike

    I agree they can create some seemingly unnecessary rules. Everyone has ‘their job’ and you better not deviate from it or there will be hell to pay. Sometimes those rules are implemented for good reason though. I’m not surprised you have worked under a contract though. I would say that at least...
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    Starbucks Strike

    I agree. Everyone has the choice to go work somewhere else but it’s not always that easy. We always like to think things are black and white but they very rarely are. You may have mentioned it earlier and I missed it but have you ever worked under a CBA? I agree with JLS. Some unions are great...
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    Starbucks Strike

    My comment goes way beyond baristas and is pointed at the workforce as a whole. My experience is in industrial manufacturing, power generation, and pipeline. I’ve see countless people willing to eat a shit sandwich and not speak up/out over working conditions, benefits, and wages. A contract...
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    Starbucks Strike

    I agree they’re not perfect and could use some reform. I can definitely see how they get a black eye but I have seen the good they can do. In my professional career I’ve worked two non union jobs, and one union job. I personally enjoyed having someone else to help me fight. I was not at the...
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    Starbucks Strike

    Why people would be against the working stiff having a seat at the table is beyond me. Corporate greed is off the charts and very few people are willing to fight against it...
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    Thoughts on no blood trail?

    Have you ever taken a frontal shot or just living in theory? If you can’t visualize all the organs a frontal shot gives you access to, I don’t know what to tell you
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    Christmas gifts under $50

    Shameless plug here...
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    Thoughts on no blood trail?

    I would not consider a frontal shot a “low percentage shot”. Especially from this guy. This isn’t his first time in the elk woods…
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    WTB: wood stock for Rem700 LA

    I think I may have one too. You ever make it up to Lewistown?
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    WA Live Deer Hunt!

    Why not? From your stories this year it sounds like you’re burned out. You could substitute golf with pickle ball, shuffle board, knitting, sewing, or any other similar activity
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    WA Live Deer Hunt!

    Sounds like you should take up golf….
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    Audiobooks/Podcasts for Long Drive

    Any of the Jocko podcasts with SOG guys. Episodes 180-182, 186, 204-206, 247, and 248
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    Montana - Migratory Bird Restricted area

    When I lived over there I always understood it as the main river channel. I never hunted any it but that’s what I was told. As mentioned above, it’s probably best to call the region office
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    Remington 700 bolt hard to push down

    I‘m trying to understand how a trigger could change how hard or easy the bolt closes. Isn’t it just holding the firing pin in place? The mechanism that is moving is all within the bolt correct?

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