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    Can you out live point creep?

    I am sitting on 20 points in Colorado at 44 and think the same way. I am 1 point behind for a muzzleloader in 76. I dont know how many years I will chase that and then just cash in and bowhunt 76 and contribute to the creep.
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    TRCP and sportsman and women for biden.

    Vote moose party and be done with all of this. Randy for president 2020. Hopefully he will choose Buzz H for secretary of the interior.
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    Anyone hunting near Casper this weekend?

    Will be going out Sept 26. Any good spots to eat? Will try and hit the pizza barn on way in from the east.
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    First time antelope hunt advice

    Have fun. Don't shoot the 1st one. Go on a few stalks before even putting a round in chamber. Bring knee pads and tweezers. Also 2 spare tires and tire patch kit with air pump.
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Concord grape pie. Brought home a bag from my uncles and took me back to hunting around the vineyards south end of Canandaigua lake. Nothing like a try before you buy Monica's pie.
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    Trail etiquette with pack animals

    Horses have priority on trails vs llamas. They can get flighty around llamas so ask horse handler what they want you to do.
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    What's on the smoker today?

    On the smoked ice is the dome cover to keep drippings out? So have cover wider than pan but up so smoke can get in?
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    Elk jalapeño poppers

    Do you put elk steak that you have already cooked in or raw?
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    What's on the smoker today?

    Pork shoulder smoked and then put in cooler with towels at 1230 last night. Opened this morning and couldn't wait for dinner so made some pork huevos Ranchero with a few fresh tomatoes and jalapeños.
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    Tips for brisket on a smoker

    Get a right side brisket. Only 2 left at store and got them. Cooked both to 202 and let rest for 3 hours. The left was way tougher. It is a urban legend that I saw play out for real and now perpetuating. Also in store hold at point and see where the flat breaks and falls. The closer to the point...
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    What's on the smoker today?

    Two pork butts, chicken legs and smoked mac in cheese with bacon panko topping. Got to try Malcom's bbq right killer hog bbq rub. Buddy gave me it and says best for color and I would agree. Also really good on taste.
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    Update - Thoughts/prayers requested

    Praying for your whole family.
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    Area 69

    Yes we drew our other choice that was a draw the year before. I apply in two different units just for the scenario that happened. Think you have slam dunk and sitting on bench. I make my 1st choice my second choice on second app and second choice on 1st the 1st choice on second app. A B, B A.
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    Family backpacking tent

    For family of 6 we either use two 3 or 4 man tents eureka or mountain hardwear optic 6. We just barely fit and only 4 if running costs. Kelty also makes a large family full fly tent that I would trust in backcountry.
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    Area 69

    I thought it was going to be a slam dunk for doe tags and we went 0/3. Drew tags that were not expecting to get. Maybe everyone saw the slam dunk thing too and now it is an air ball.