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    Small 4x4 truck with best fuel economy?

    We got a RAV4 hybrid, awd and gets 39 mpg on average. The real winner is that it gets over 500 miles to a 12 gal tank. Toyota says it’s rated at towing somewhere around 1700lbs, though I haven’t tried that at all.
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    I ain't 30 anymore.

    Inspiring story. I’m 31, and that sounds like more exertion than I’m confident I could muster.
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    Relocation advice

    You mentioned Waldport. That’s a good location, IMO. Close to Florence and Newport, but much smaller and less crowded. Good fishing and crabbing, and lots of publicly accessible industrial timberland & BLM land nearby.
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    NW Oregon Roosevelt’s

    Yeah, after 2 days of hunting without it I downloaded OnX. It’s made everything much more enjoyable, but i still bring the compass.
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    NW Oregon Roosevelt’s

    Last year was my first time going after blacktail, and I’ve been thinking about trying western elk…but threads like this don’t do much to talk me in to it lol. At least it’s not just me cursing at the blackberries and scotch broom thickets out there. Been a few times I got so turned around that...
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    Friday Tunes "Gotta be a Musician to Play Music"

    Here’s a band that I never appreciated until my band decided to play a set of only their songs. Their tunes are way more technical and complicated than you’d think by listening.
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    Quality over quantity?

    If I magically had $6000, and I spent it on guns/optics, I wouldn’t live to tell the tale.
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    Family Trip to Oregon- Advice?

    My wife and I did the dinner cruise from Cascade Locks for our anniversary last year. Beautiful sights, and you learn a bit about the river and gorge as well. Another thing to look for, the indigenous fishermen will sell smoked salmon out of their cars under the Bridge of the Gods. It sounds...
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    Family Trip to Oregon- Advice?

    Silver Falls is a great hike, east of Salem. Multnomah Falls is pretty close to Cascade Locks, and is a very popular must-see in the gorge. Portland’s Japanese garden is a nice way to have fun outside. On the coast, the grey whale migration is underway, so bring some binos and BOLO for some...
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    Ultimate Marriage Test

    My wife and I drove from Anchorage AK to Medford OR in late December hauling all of our belongings in a trailer pulled by a dodge 2500 w/ a cabover camper in the bed, and 2 dogs in the cab. Didn’t have the rain problem you did, but our headlights kept shorting out. A wonderful problem to have...
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    Trudeau Puts Freeze On Handguns

    That’s a trickier one. Since we’ve deemed that we need them to fight our wars, it only seems fair that they ought to have the opportunity to have a say in who has the power to send them to war. Personally, I’d rather the voting age be at least 21, but I take some comfort knowing that these young...
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    Trudeau Puts Freeze On Handguns

    With the argument of “if you’re old enough to serve in the military…” It’s important that we don’t over look the reasons we allow people to serve in the military so young. At 17-18, these men and women are still highly impressionable and mentally immature, but their bodies are still strong and...
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    "The Look" (Spouse/Partner/Etc)

    Lucky you got stopped. My mouth usually starts running before my brain even knew I was thinking it. No chance of catching it early most times lol. When I get the look it’s more of a “WTF, why would you say that?!” moment. That or she’s in one of her rare arguments with someone and I’m getting...
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    2022 spring turkey

    Seasons just about over, and I’m out of hunting days. I was going to go camp out this weekend in a last ditch effort, but the weather and the wife had other plans that have put the kibosh on that :( Best I can do now is hit the wildlife area close to town and hope I get unbelievably lucky.
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    Gun build off a Belgian Mauser

    I’m interested in how this turns out. I had a Belgian Mauser in 30-06 back in 2014 that was truly awful. It’s point of impact was about 10 ft left of point of aim at 100 yd with the iron sights.
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