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    KS whitetail sheds

    That is a stud shed!
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    Public land nemesis

    Good luck and I sure hope you find them!
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    NM Buck with story

    Congrats on a beautiful buck!
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    Our Colorado Mule Deer, 2nd Season Rifle

    Love it when the kids get involved. Congrats!
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    Florida archery buck

    That is one cool buck! Congrats!
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    First WT finds

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    Beautiful day....

    Those are some slabs!
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    Jigging up rubies

    Fantastic photos!
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    Two Headed Moose in the Big Horns Area

    That's a rather intriguing photo. Thanks for sharing.
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    2020 begins! NM Oryx down!

    First of all, congrats on a fine bull. Now you'll have the rest of the year to enjoy those fine steaks!
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    Odds of using an Idaho OTC General Tag for Bear, Mountain Lion, or Wolf

    I've hunted ID a fair amount. Depending on where you end up hunting in ID, chances could be great or terrible. I hunt the central part of the state and in 2018 I shot a wolf while OTC deer hunting and the next day passed up a small chocolate colored black bear that I could have easily shot...
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    Wyoming opener, Moon and crowds...UPDATED with success pictures!

    Thanks for following up and congrats on a great bull!
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    Wisconsin Bobcat

    Congrats on a fine cat!
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    Fur ready to sell

    Great haul! Hope the buyer treats you well.
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    2019 Breaks Sheep hunt

    Can't wait for "the rest of the story" Bart!