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  1. elkrchr

    Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt 2020

    Thanks for sharing Joe! Great bucks and like Buzz, I really like the cape on your son's antelope. Hope the OR elk treated you well upon your return.
  2. elkrchr

    Montana Moose In Wrong Area

    My to persevere! Fantastic bull and all the stars lined up for you with him being so kind to expire right next to a road.
  3. elkrchr

    The Gift

    A truly unselfish act by your old friend, simply amazing. Congrats to everyone involved and great shooting Aiden.
  4. elkrchr

    329 Goat Tag Filled

    Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great goat!
  5. elkrchr

    68-1 wyoming antelope

    Gotta love WY. Congrats!
  6. elkrchr

    Pronghorn 2020

    Great job gentlemen! WY is a great state!
  7. elkrchr

    Antlerless Father and Son Adventure

    Love it when the kids are involved at an early age. Congrats and keep up the good work.
  8. elkrchr

    Wifes ewe story

    Congrats to your wife and great story.
  9. elkrchr

    WI bear!!!

    Great bear. Congrats to your wife!
  10. elkrchr

    Year of the pronghorn

    What a start to the 2020 season. Congrats to both of your sons and your brother!
  11. elkrchr

    Good weekend of panfishing

    Great mess of fish and some mighty fine eating!
  12. elkrchr

    Opening morning bull

    Great bull, congrats. Good luck with the mule deer.
  13. elkrchr

    Opening Day Montana Goat Success

    Fantastic Billy!
  14. elkrchr

    Velvet Montana Muley

    Nicely done sir. Great buck!
  15. elkrchr

    Kodiak Blacktail Hunt

    Calling (fawn bleat, grunt) and rattling can be very effective. As Dave N. mentioned in his post, those big, fury Volkswagen's that roam around the island have very good hearing as well. If you're going to call, it is best to sit back to back with your hunting partner so you can cover 360...