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    A good kind of sore

    Congrats and thanks for sharing. I was raised in Baker and we used to bird hunt out of Richland. Beautiful country.
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    Best Bait for Hunting Grouse?

    Thanks for sharing that!
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    Female hunters or huntresses

    My Mom, sister and daughter all hunt or have hunted. My wife has talked about it the last few years so we’ll see. Her Grandma was always the 1st to get a deer every year from the stories I’ve heard. My son’s sole interest in hunting is to eat what we bring home. Lol.
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    Weekend success

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    John and Chris’s 2019 Roosevelt Adventures

    Thanks for such a great thread!
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    New Guy Success!!

    Great story. Congrats!
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    Collared cow, NV

    Great story. Congrats!
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    Bull down in Jarbidge NV

    Great story, thank you for sharing. Jarbidge is an amazing special place.
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    It might not be as bad as it sounds. I worked on a fire crew in Eastern Oregon every summer in college. A couple fall semesters I stayed to control burn for the extra money. When we would show up to an area the next day we often saw elk or elk tracks. The burn didn’t really seem to bother them...
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    LOL. I had someone recently call and tell me my social security number was going to cancelled and he could help me keep it. I replied SWEET no taxes! I hope they cancel it quickly. That didn’t seem to be the correct response......
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    Custom Orthotics

    You can definitely move them to different boots. As stated, try on boots/shoes with them. It won’t work if you buy the boots 1st then try to make them fit with the insoles. I have neuromas in both feet and would suggest getting boots/shoes with the stiffest outsole possible. The neuromas are...
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    Camo vs Solids

    I am in the mix and match what’s on sale crowd. But I never wear grey during deer season. Our deer are grey..... it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to be out in deer coloring, even with orange on also.
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    NV deer down!

    Nice bucks and great story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Oregon High Desert Elk Hunt

    Way to go! Congrats!