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    So who like hunting ELK better then DEER hunting

    I'll vote deer, just because they are usually easier to hunt(I'm getting old) and easier to pack out but then again you can't beat a bull elk bugle at point blank range during the rut hmmmmmmmm ok ok I'm sticking with deer
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    Idaho non resident going elk in 21 and 21a

    There is a processor there I think it is on hiway 28. Anyways ask a couple of people in town they will tell you were to go get your elk cut and wrapped.
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    Tags Available

    hmmmmmmmm sounds kinda fun, just down the hiway for me and have nothing else better to do. I'll keep checking back to see how many are going.
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    Any opinions on Milk River whitetails?

    Greeny is correct on the EHD die off and in my opinion it is over rated and the deer walk around looking up in the trees for hunters like they do in Pike county Illinois. I stay away from the popular spots that all the TV shows go to.
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    The Ultimate Guided Hunt!

    LOL, that site is too funny, I noticed it is colorado maybe me and shaky could hook up and do this after out hunts are over. Anyways did this hunt before a while back, not this actual one but had a buddy back in Flawwwwwda and he did reposessions and bounty hunting so I got to go along but did...
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    Need Help On unit 60-2 Elk in Nov Idaho

    yeah I knew it was a migration hunt, I think he better hope for snow or stay home. Thanks
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    Sounds good, I'm just up the road from you might be interested in some swarovski optics we will se how the $$$$ situation goes.
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    My first elk hunt

    Shaky.....Good luck on the AZ draws and I think you all will do great in CO this fall, a ton of elk running around that state with the low harvest last year(weather) and the mild winter. I got a CO deer tag again this year and depending on the weather might have to go get an over the counter...
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    Anyone eat.....

    I'm thinking with CWD happening it would not be a good idea to eat the brains anymore, just my opinion. But then again I don't eat the liver, feet LOL, or the hearts. I'll save em all this fall and ship them out on ice fed ex to whoever wants them LOL
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    Desert ELK in IDAHO

    ol cutthroat gonna give them desert elk a run this year a buddy hunts them and deer out there. So we shall see at least it will be some different scenery I just hate having to look at the sawtooths all day long when hunting LOL Let ya all know when we scout what we find etc.
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    ummmmmmmmm Moosie I'm closer I'll the the no tellum place and after I harvest mine I'll tell ya where its at :D :D
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    Need Info help on unit 41 Nov Deer For Idaho

    Spotted owl......Thanks wish it was my tag, my buddy had the luck of the draw with him the last 2 years of course he also plays the pref point game with all the states, he has more tags than time as usual. Next year there should be 3 of us drawing wyo moose tags!!!! Anyways will keep checking...
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    WY Draw Results Posted early.

    WTG elky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think since I got a little more time and $$$$ now might make a trip to WYO this fall with a left over tag in my pocket just to get out and hunt.
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    My Elk Hunt will find that every state has weird licensing deals....Keep that certificate, you will use it everytime you goto colo, and that is what you put your hunt stamp on.and paperclip the carcass tag to it so you wont lose it either.
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    Need Help On unit 60-2 Elk in Nov Idaho

    Thanks leanwolf, yeah it used to be a really good hunt when we used to get early snows the bulls would pour out into the desert, maybe he will get lucky and we will get snow, the reason I asked is just in case we don't maybe there was a place or 2 to get into the timber. I appreciate your help.