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    Cold Barrel Shot, 3" High

    By freshly cleaned did you run a couple of dry patches down the pipe before you shot that first shot? It's usually a good idea to do so and I'd say it's mandatory if the pipe had an oil patch ran down it as the last part of "Freshly Cleaned".
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    What's your average Rifle shot range on an Elk?

    #1 no range finder, but I'm guessing +450yds 4x5 rag horn .338 win mag thru the shoulder blades/spine fired 3 before I hit him because he was slightly further away than we thought(I was on one hill above him probably 100yds in elevation and he was coming down the hill opposite me, but he...
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    Damon/Howatt Hunter recurve bow with arrows, etc

    I'm sorry Kiwi, I forgot to come back and check this, well really I thought I'd get an email when someone responded. Yes I would've shipped it to you, but it did finally sell, so it's long gone now.
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    Idaho Unit 39 Late Archery: Anybody Tag Out Yet?

    LandDiver--good luck and congrats with baby #5, although if baby #5 is coming in September you are either predicting the future, which will get you all sorts of attention, or you are going to be very famous for a pregnancy that lasted almost 11 months!!!
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    My life changing elkalope hunt

    awesome job...and mega congrats...
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    Damon/Howatt Hunter recurve bow with arrows, etc

    Damon/Howatt Hunter recurve bow $225/bo shipped
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    2016 sheep hunt

    great ram--congrats...
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    WTB 15x Binos

    I'm pretty sure I have some 15x56 Swarovski's if you're interested. I'd have to get my buddy to take pics of them as I moved my gun safe up to his place when I was in Kenya. They're an older model, but they worked great the last time I used them.
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    Boots boots and more boots

    Schnees...been wearing them over 20yrs--hunted elk and muleys in the mountains of Idaho, Nevada and Montana-- antelope in Montana, caribou in the Northwest Territories, blacktails and pigs in CA and whitetails in Nebraska, and I've never been let down....virtually very little break in time in...
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    Tooth & Fang

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    Root Beer......

    It's the best(by a good margin) of the two I've tasted, with Wicked being the other one. I agree I would only want to drink a couple at a time well maybe 3-4, but I doubt I'd drink more.
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    Tom cat down

    very impressive on the quickness of the hunt and nice kitty...job well done!!!!
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    NV 073 success

    congrats----ol' Bill Gibson--wow I/we hunted with him twice back 20yrs or so the Ruby's, but I never shot anything, but that's cuz I was picky....
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    ID Buck

    great job on one very nice buck....thanks for putting up the score...
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    Dream came true

    mega congrats on a very nice ram...