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    50 years ago.

    Things were different then. We still had the draft that made men out of boys - you had no choice. I went to a small engineering college that it was mandatory ROTC (Army) back then for your first 2 years. You could then choose to get out and just be a student or "go advanced" for your last 2...
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    50 years ago.

    Don't blame him. Sometimes it's best to try and not bring up those times.
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    Investment options

    What is your status on a 401K, conventional IRA, or Roth IRA? If you have a mortgage you could put monthly amounts towards the PITI. If you use an accountant to do your financials, have you discussed this with him/her? There is no magic answer where one size fits all but my compliments to you...
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    Essential Poll

    Schmidt - Hamms - Grain Belt - Schlitz - Colt 45: Now we're really showing our age.
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    How about the Bison?

    Not only is the NDSU quarterback just a Freshman - he never threw an interception all year. TOTALLY REMARKABLE. I tip my hat to them.
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    Fur ready to sell

    What is a castor to you? Beaver????
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    University mascots

    Played 4 years of football and graduated from Tech back when things were not so politically correct. Got banned from the local radio station for a few games for some not too appropriate cheers at basketball game versus BH (I.E.: Typewriter Tech). 😂
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    Does anyone carry a wind meter while hunting?

    Have carried one for many years. After using one for a few thousand practice rounds it becomes second nature knowing what the wind will do to a bullet path.
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    217" typical father found in 1986

    Very tasteful coffee table.
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    MT to pay for CWD testing statewide.

    How about explaining the above comment of yours further.
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    A backwards load question.

    Never hunted with those type of people
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    When to fire a contractor?

    Forget any phone communication from here on out - do whatever it takes to communicate face to face.
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    Montana deer camp 2019

    That 2nd pic showing wood being put into stove shows a wall tent that ain't on its virgin trip with all the patches - I can relate to that one.
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    Saco/Malta, MT Mule Deer

    Be aware of the fact that the area you are contemplating is now a CWD classified area and you can not remove any deer heads from the area unless the meat and brains have been removed.
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    SK Waterfowl

    LukeDuke: sending you a PM