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    SK Waterfowl

    LukeDuke: sending you a PM
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    If you want an economical 10 ply A/T tire check out the Ironman Tire ( It is a Hercules Tire and Cooper makes all Hercules tires.
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    Sidearm choice

    Have always favored a wheel gun but just recently converted to a 460 Rowland. It basically gives you 44 mag energy out of a 10 round auto. I spend a lot of time in the densest grizzly population in the lower 48. Bear spray is #1 but it is only effective 50% of the time with the wind.
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    New ATV; What accessories?

    Slime the tires.
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    Year of the sweet clover

    It is not native. It has an anti blood coagulant agent in it. Makes good feed but must be very careful to not feed to long term pregnant cows or horses - they can flat out bleed to death internally. I do not know how it affects wildlife.
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    Case Lube

    If you're going to use "one stuck" its just a matter of time before you get bit, especially on the mag type brass.
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    Any experience with ground jerky sticks?

    Has anyone added brown sugar into their ingredients, and if so, how much brown sugar per lb of meat??
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    Google Considers Hunting Animal Cruelty

    What's the alternative then that is just as proficient?
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    Montana evidence of sex law

    Oh boy - very good point, never even gave that a thought. That'll open a can of worms.
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    Montana evidence of sex law

    This is going to be worse - not better than before. Ex: Shoot a spike or cow in branch antlered bull area only, pack out the meat and unless some warden wants to spend the rest of his day going for a hike, you'll be sent on your way. Not only that, the vast majority of the game check stations...
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    Clean bore vs. "Copper equilibrium"

    Fire_9 is right on the money- and I've proven it over many many rifles. There are more barrels wore out from cleaning brushes then there are from shooting. I have a .308 I use for practice that I literally shoot hundreds of rounds through before the rifle tells me it's time for a cleaning...
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    Big and fabulous change in my life today....

    Nothing better than grandkids. IF I'd known how special it was to have grandkids I'd have have bypassed the first stage. I always figure it's my job to spoil them, it's their Mom and Dad's job to keep them straight. Oh - and by the way, girls are just a little extra special. CONGRATS
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    Nightforce SHV or Swaro Z5??

    I have been twisting turrets since they came on the market. If the intended use of this scope is for hunting I would not consider any scope that did not have a zero stop. It's not a matter of if you get one rotation off it's just a matter of when Seen it happen more than once
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    West Yellowstone Snow Situation?

    Wife and I snowbound in West Yellowstone as this is being typed. Not a motel room left in town. Visibility less than 100 yds.