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    Most difficult to harvest??

    I'll show my ignorance. What's coatis?
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    Shortest recovery distance EVER.

    As a teenager, I shot a deer in my parents yard from in their house, while on the phone. I actually had to drag it away from the house to gut, before hanging it in a tree 5 yards from where I shot it.
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    F/S: Swarovski SLC 10x42

    Bump with new price.
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    Temperature Insensitive Powders

    Rancho is right, each combination behaves a little uniquely. That said, if I was picking powders for temp insensitivity, I'd pick the single base Hodgdon line in appropriate burn rates like has been mentioned several times: H4895/Varget/H4350/H4831/H1000/Retumbo. I did some testing with a...
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    F/S: Swarovski SLC 10x42

    For Sale: Swarovski SLC 10x42 NEU Used, in very good condition. They are great, however they're just not a form factor I'm currently using. There are exceedingly minor marks on the lenses, too insignificant to capture with my photography skills. Includes lens covers and a bag, does not include...
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    Solving Point Creep

    As long as the supply and demand curves maintain their trajectories, there will be no true “solution“. More people are interested in a resource than there is resource to go around. You can go around about the best way to split it up, but at the end of the day your personal chance comes up less...
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    Vertical Grip Stock

    I dramatically prefer a vertical grip, and haven’t owned a stock without one for a few years. The rest of the stock still has to fit you, of course. For non-chassis options I like the Manners EH1 more than anything else I’ve tried.
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    Lowest Trigger Pull You Will Take Hunting

    I haven’t had a bolt rifle trigger set to more than a pound for a few years.
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    Vortex LRBC shutting down...

    For a phone app I use BallisticsARC, which does cost $10 or so. On a PC I use JBM. Both work well if you start with good inputs and tweak to real world drop data.
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    Rifle shooting and a little bragging

    I wasn't, but was out at Blue Ridge a few weeks ago at for the JC Steel NRL match. I saw the Practiscore results and who all was in attendance, very impressive!
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    Rifle shooting and a little bragging

    Congratulations to them, that is a seriously talented field!
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    Tikka Question

    bholt, Did they already send the rifle back to you, or did they just email you the repair ticket? If you already got it back, is it improved any? You are right to question the headspace comment. The issue you were having was unrelated to the headspace. Additionally the headspace on a...
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    Karstetter Memorial Match

    Karstetter is a really good match, I shot it the last two years but not this year. Won’t lie, when I saw the conditions you guys had I was not sad I shot in good weather in Wyoming instead!
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    Real world rifle shooting positions?

    Good question. In 3/5 there was some opportunity, but I would be rolling the dice that getting closer would work out. I guess it’s a thing I’ve developed a feel for, my confidence in the shot vs my confidence in the stalk. Once I’m comfortable with the shot, I have to be exceedingly confident...
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    Real world rifle shooting positions?

    Last 5: Prone @ 425 (rushed) Standing off tripod @300 (very rushed) Prone @ 337 (all the time in the world) Prone @ 517 (decent amount of time) Prone @ 375 (fairly quick) The only one that involved a miss was the first one at 425, I was borrowing a rifle I hadn’t shot in years, and I suspect I...