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    Tire chains for truck

    I have owned a 1500 as well and you don't know what year or anything.
  2. BuckRut

    Tire chains for truck

    Aww. The classic "I don't actually have any but let me tell you all about it" post. I have chains for my 2500 for snow and mud and have used them in both. The front end is really where they do the most good and I like a decent heavy chain with good grousers. Big thing is make sure they fit...
  3. BuckRut

    What do you do with replaceable blades?

    This probably is the most approved option but stand them up with the point down and I step on them and drive them into the ground
  4. BuckRut

    Minnesota bull.

    What strain of elk they put in Minnesota that are completely rubbed off and dark horned by mid August?
  5. BuckRut

    American Made Air Pad

    After my research on and Alps pad yesterday I have decided I am at a point in life where I can choose to support American companies more. Just figured I would ask on companies for an inflatable pad. It looks to me like Thermarest is the only one. Do you guys know any other American made options?
  6. BuckRut

    Beetle Kill and Elk

    Here's and entire study on the effects of the beetles on elk movement. http://fwp.mt.gov/fishAndWildlife/diseasesAndResearch/research/elk/elkhorn/default.html
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    Alps Agile Air Pad

    Anyone have any experience with this sleeping pad. It's up on Camofire so I am just looking for peoples thoughts and experiences with it.
  8. BuckRut

    Montana Antelope 2020 Draw Results

    Because region 7 is the middle of BFE. Might as well give the tags to people who already have a reason to head out that way and not try to get someone to travel all that way for a doe antelope.
  9. BuckRut

    MT Youth Hunt

    I really wish they would re-think the way that youth opener is set up. It was a good idea the first year when those 2 days fell just before opening weekend of rifle season but every year since then these days now fall when archery season is still open.
  10. BuckRut


    That's actually probably a lot more reasonable than you think. 2,500 square feet for 400k only comes out to about $160 per square foot. A custom built house should really run at or a little higher than $200 per square foot.
  11. BuckRut

    Woodchuck snares.

    You are missing the point. A snare is a lethal trap. If a cat or dog gets caught in the snare they will be dead when you find them.
  12. BuckRut

    Woodchuck snares.

    Make sure you are not going to have any domestic animal bycatch with that thing. The traps don't care what steps into them. I trap myself so I'm not on an anti trapping speal here but under your privacy fence is a bad place for a lethal style trap and probably illegal to boot. Catching...
  13. BuckRut

    Camping on state land

    As long as you have your state use permit (which is a required purchase with your hunting license) you are good to go camping on state land.
  14. BuckRut

    trail cameras on public land MT?

    Trail cameras are allowed year round in Montana but they cannot have a remote connection during any open season. As far as baiting I believe it is illegal to bait or feed wild animals for any reason at any time of the year.