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    Public Service Announcement - Sunblock & Wide Hats

    Good heads up. I went to a wide brim this year and It's the first year I haven't had sun burned ears. Should have went to it years age being out on the water or in the field all summer.I got some lip stitches after freeing a doe that tried jumping a hog panel fence. Not fun. Hope you heal quick.
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    Bucket list.....

    I'm reverting back to my start. I'd like to find a place with enough cottontail to have a good hunt.
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    What would you do? Flying neighbor.

    Take it slow Hank. You may need a life flight some day.
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    What'cha got Tunes

    all star lineup
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    Friday Tunage - Spring Storms

    Some more Motown. David Ruffin steppin' up
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    Friday Tunage - Mothers

    But I drove her crazy with this
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    Get the oil hot

    Finally had enough water to launch a boat. First day out since last September. Lots of action on 9-11" smallmouth, probably caught 80 with a few over 12". 6 of them had IDFG tags in them. Crappie were scattered and had to fish hard to put a catch together. Lots of fun.
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