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    Bluetick Pups

    good looking litter.
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    Wolf researcher on Meateater

    I have been around Diane Boyd for the last 30 years, she is very pro-wolf. I am not a fan. She does not like any conflict when it comes to the wolf and will often change the subject. She will recommend low quotas and is not hunter friendly but anti friendly. She is one of the main reasons for...
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    I am also wondering if big land owners (ranchers or oil men, Wilks or Kochs) are using their...

    I am also wondering if big land owners (ranchers or oil men, Wilks or Kochs) are using their resources to give you a hard time for promoting public land use and DYI hunting and skirting private lands. Just a thought, they have that much pull. Good luck & thank you, Terry L. Zink
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    Article on Cougar Predation

    Blame it the wolves, you bet I do, I live here seen the damage the wolves have done here in region 1, changed the lions habits. Now as far as the lions there is a reason we went to the limited entry draw in region 1 & 2. There was a race region 1 & 2 during lion season back then, it was over in...
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    Article on Cougar Predation

    I want to play the devils advocate here, I am a life long bowhunter and one of those life long "houndsmen" here in region 1 of Montana. We had high numbers of deer, moose & elk when we had the highest population of lions from late 80's to mid 90's, more lions than we have now in Region 1. Then...
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    Trigger lived 16 years, family member and what I call my brother, we walked a lot of miles in the mountains. Treed lions, bears, bobcats and a few coon.
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    Sean Gerrity/American Prairie Reserve on Meateater

    Free ranging bison in Central Montana where I grew up won't go over very good, not at all in fact.
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    need a ride for a hound

    good on the ride, thanks everyone.
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    Experience with Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak Tent?

    TLowell02 is spot on, same for us, go with a Wall Tent.
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    need a ride for a hound

    I am hoping that I did get a ride for him on Saturday. Thank you though, I should know more by Friday.
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    need a ride for a hound

    hope this is ok, Anyone traveling from Jackson, Wyoming to kalispell or Missoula, Montana. I need a ride for a bluetick male hound. Text me at 406-253-4670 thanks
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    Bobcats in Colorado

    Preston, good luck down there, you may go on facebook on a couple of the houndsmens groups and see if you could find a local guy to tag a long with. Hunting here in the flathead is always fun. Terry
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    Eyesight problems

    I am 52, I have to wear my glasses now to see anything up close, like my pins on my bow or the cross hairs on a gun. What did help was lighted pins on my bow site.
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    New Study Shows 9.52 Million Acres of Western Public Lands Are Landlocked

    amazing, it is our land, this number will continue to grow. The wilks's brothers of the world want this as barging chip.
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    Unable to retrieve animal due to private land and punching tag

    #1 call the landowner and do not set foot on the private property #2 call the game warden #3 give the game warden the GPS coordinates. If it was legally shoot on public land chances are the game warden will go with the land owner and retrieve the animals and let you tag here in Montana. Animals...