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    Rabbit Foot

    I would think you should be able to find some scent and put it on a bumper and then pull it around, leaving a scent trail. Similar to how they train dogs for pheasants.
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    WTT firstlite Obsidions

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    Sleeping peacefully in griz country

    LoL I've spent a few nights out since this post, and I was surprised how well I actually slept (except for one cold, wet, windy night). I did take extra precautions. Such as making sure I ate dinner and had my food bag back up in the tree before dark (I did keep glassing until complete...
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    Just a guy who lives in the wrong state

    Welcome! And that's a great fish! Were you able to keep it?
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    Fallow rut Australia

    Very nice! Glad he was able to connect with some good looking bicks
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    WTT firstlite Obsidions

    Still available
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    What a great picture. That is something I would definitely be late for wherever I was going, just to watch
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    Fuel source

    Another vote for iso
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    Down To The Wire In California

    I did everything I could to get out of that state. There is no way I would go back. Well, maybe for a sheep tag...
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    Optics yard ranges

    Talley or Leupold will do you right
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    CWD Whitetail Confirmed in Libby

    I literally just finished reading the same story before I jumped onto HT. As much as everyone wishes and tries, I just don't see this as being able to be contained. I believe our only hope is a cure, and as of right now that's not looking so good.
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    I have for sell a XL pair of firstlite Obsidions pants. I have lost weight and they no longer fit to my liking. No holes, no tears, no stains. Only issue is the label is fading from being worn/washed. $125 TYD Also listed in the trade classifieds
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    WTT firstlite Obsidions

    Will also sell for $125