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    Mt 530 suggestions

    Tough. The public is surrounded by lots of private. You're going to want to scout and make friends with landowners. I had a pretty good line on a buck, but once the season opened, I figure he left public. I was able to fill my tag though, just not on the big one.
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    Ammo storage

    Metal ammo cans. Last year Costco was selling a 50 Cal can with a 30 Cal can inside for around $16 if I recall correctly. I haven't seen them yet this year, but maybe they will be back around mid summer/fall. I also have a couple of "fat 50" Cal ammo cans and some 40mm cans (works great for...
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    Montana region 7 Antelope draw

    There is always a chance. This year is going to be interesting to see how the tags all play out. Some people who were going to apply might not be able to because of the whole kung flu thing. So i would think your chances this year will be better then last year's chances
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    What to expect from Leupold?

    Good that they took care of it, bad it got past QC.
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    Anybody buy there MT tags yet?

    Soooo.......are we no longer printing our tags at home? I just purchased my sportsman package with bear and didn't get a link to print tags. There is just a message at the bottom that they will be mailed to me. Anybody else get this? Is this fwp changing things around so people can print...
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    Looking for a Kifaru set up

    @CzechHunter take a look over at The classifieds are huge and I bet you would have better luck over there. It seems to be more backpack hunting orientated.
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    Favorite back country tent stakes

    MSR groundhogs. FYI, don't bother with the cheap clones in the bins at Walmart. I've broken/bent a whole pile of them.
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    First Aid Supply procurment

    My local military surplus has sutures and some other things. Just need a buddy to practice my stitch work on 😉
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    After the kill in grizzly country

    Try to stay as clean as you can. Move the meat away from the site as fast as you can, and try not to go back in the dark. There are lots of places with good hunting where there are no griz, and that can make things a lot easier when coming from out of state.
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    First time hunter

    Welcome. Lots of good Info on here, just search the old threads and almost any question you can think of has a thread already, but we love answering questions too, so dont be afraid to ask.
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    Hunting Season is Over!!

    I try to "bank" time with the family. My work has me away from home every other week. Throw in a hunting trip or two in a row, and it could be a month before I really see my wife and kid. So making up time is important to me. That and getting/staying in better shape
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    Alright, I guess I'm the "D" 😉
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    Big News (well for me it is anyways...)

    @SD_Prairie_Goat Congrats! Hopefully you got more grants then student loans.
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    EOY '19 - What Worked, What Didn't?

    Worked: 1 Barnes ttsx 2 scouting for deer 3 kifaru pack (stuffed 2 bone in deer in there and it handled the weight like a champ. Failed 1 msr micro lantern. Worked at home, not in the field, then worked at home again (wtf?) 2 truck battery took a crap and I lost half of a day from it. 3 not...