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    packable thin plastic from Caribou game bag kit

    It's probable a piece of Polycro. It's most easily found in the painting section and is sold as window coverings/ storm window kits...
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    Binos on a tripod... yet again

    For many years I used a $20 Polaroid tripod I bought off of Amazon because it was <1 pound. I ran that with a field optics adapter. The legs on the tripod were fixed and couldn't be adjusted outwards. The adapter was fast to connect, but not solid and allowed the binos to wiggle in the wind...
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    Meal replacement bar?

    Unfrosted poptart with peanut butter in-between them. It's like a PB&j on the trail!
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    Firstlite FS - ALL ITEMS SOLD

    Both Spf
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    Cabela's gortex set

    I lost weight and these are now too big for me. I was a XL at the time, but sized up in these so they would fit over cold weather gear (something to think about).These are the heavier weight pieces from Cabela's. I purchased them a few years ago and have worn them many times while fishing in the...
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    Firstlite FS - ALL ITEMS SOLD

    I lost a bunch of weight and these are now too big for me. I take care of my stuff and these are both in good condition. Firstlite Minaret areowool shirt. No holes, tears, or stains. Almost new condition. Fusion camo pattern. Size XL. $SOLD Firstlite Allegheny bottoms. Mid weight. No holes...
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    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    Hire a Sherpa. 😁 I would cut that quarter in half and go that route. No way am I going for a 150lb + load in my pack
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    MT Unlimited

    Good luck to you as well. I'm focusing on antelope and elk this year, but next year I'll be up in the `tooths and hope you're able to give me some pointers on how you killed your ram ;-)
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    MT Unlimited

    I've seen some good looking animals in the northern frontier, just having trouble getting it done. Here's a map for reference
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    MT Unlimited

    @EYJONAS! What an awesome find! That would definetly find a place on my shelf downstairs
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    Best T-Rex Medicine

    You would definitely need hearing protection for that
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    Best T-Rex Medicine

    A loud speaker playing some of today's "popular" music. He will kill himself for me
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    Avoiding trails

    I would definetly check it out. Be up there AT LEAST an hour before first light. You will be able to see other hunters lights as they come in on the trail and watch how the animals respond once you can see well enough.
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    suggestion to have a good pair of Bino's

    I have been happy with my Nikon Monarch 7s in 10x42. I can still see through it when I can't with my rifle scope.