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    Gun Safe in the garage?

    Mine is in my office/gun room/ hunting stuff room in our basement. I have it off of the floor on 2x4's and have a dessicant can inside. the room is only 8x10 or so and it has a door on it. I put in a dehumidifier in this spring and it keeps it at 70' and around 40% humidity year round. No...
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    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 45 ACP.
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    Looking for new gun

    7mm Rem mag in a Remington 700 AWR would be a good place to start. The 7mm will give you the horsepower to take down almost anything without the recoil of the larger calibers.
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    Best aftermarket recoil pad?

    I just replaced the factory pad on my encore with a precision-fit recoil pad from Limbsaver. It takes the bite out of some of the bigger calibers.
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    Bipod or Tripod for rifle elk?

    Either use you backpack or flip the straps of your trekking poles over one another and you have instant shooting sticks. Using the backpack is going to be the more stable of the two. Either way, practice shooting in those situations before you hunt.
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    Are 1000G thinsulate boots too much for this hunt?

    I personally will not go over 400g. I have found that 400g is the tops for me for comfort. Any more that that you are going to be changing socks 2-3 times a day. Unless its 0' or below, there really isn't need for them. I have a pair of Under Armour Browtines and they work well. ON SALE AT UNDER...
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    Hunting Alone

    I hunt alone all of the time. Mostly for whitetails. I find time to reflect on things that are on my mind and I just love being in the woods alone. I love the minutes just before first light when the whole world is waking up.
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    Colorado GMU 86 elk and deer

    It is definitely beautiful there. The Sangre de Cristo's are stunning. I can't wait until October, I'm trying to get into "mountain shape" now.
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    Ammo and Optics for 7mm-08

    I hunt with an TC Encore/Pro Hunter. MY go to load for whitetails is the 7mm-08 with 140g Winchester Silvertips. As for a scope, Nikon ProStaff 7 2.5-10X42 with a 30mm tube. You can find them for around $300. Rings for me are steel Leupold dual dovetail rings and base. They are almost...
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    Colorado GMU 86 elk and deer

    I had a great time in Colorado last week. The upper elevations near Westcliffe got snow on the first day of summer. we went rafting on the Colorado river through WOA outfitters out of Canyon city and it was a blast. the water was only about 45-50 degrees and there was plenty of it. Horse back...
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    Colorado GMU 86 elk and deer

    I'm going out there next week and I hope I get a chance to look around. My buddy lives in Colorado Springs is going camping there in July and do some scouting. My wife's family is from Westcliffe and have access to several ranches including the Pines's, her family are all big hunters. I hope to...
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    CO Draw Results?

    Didn't get deer this year. Maybe the leftover draw.
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    TC Encore Barrels

    7mm Rem mag in wood 300 Win mag in synthetic
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    TC Encore Barrels

    I have hunted with and encore or a pro hunter for the past 20 years or so. I love it! simple elegant design and great accuracy. I have several barrels for it. I like the way that they point and having just one shot has made me a better more patient hunter. I am going to use my 7mm rem mag for...
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    Colorado GMU 86 elk and deer

    This year we are trying out a new unit to us. Unit 86. We are hunting 2nd rifle for deer and elk. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated. I an headed out there with my family in mid June and I hope to get some scouting in. Thanks blacksheep