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    Lost Bin Colorado Unit 181

    Found a bin off the side of the road in Unit 181 this past weekend in Colorado. If anyone can PM me what was specifically in the bin, then I'll find a way to get it back to you. It was a black bin with a grey lid and had red handles.
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    Colorado Archery deer

    Good luck!
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    What’s the worst item you’ve lost?

    A glove, not a pair of gloves, a glove. They were my favorite too, and Sitka discontinued them :(
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    With owning Kenetrek, Kuiu, and OR gaiters the only ones that have lasted more than a season have been the Kuiu Yukon gaiters. I'm not a Kuiu fan boy at all, but they got this pair of gaiters right. I bought a pair of kenetreks and they are heavy, hold water because they have a fleece exterior...
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    Why my pack sucks: Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Exo, Seek, Mystery Ranch, Kuiu, etc.

    I used a Kifaru Timberline 2 internal frame with composite stays for 3 years. Like the organization and the ability to add pockets as I saw fit. Packing out my bull this year about broke the composite stays. It just isn't designed to carry a load that is 80+ pounds. Materials are solid. I just...
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    Spotting Scope Help

    People rave about the Kowa at that price point. If I was looking to get a newer spotting scope at that price point I would look their first. I have the Vortex Razor 65 and it is good, but not great. I got it used for $650, which you can still find used ones for a similar price. I would look else...
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    What States Have You Hunted

    Just Colorado and Wyoming. Only two either sex deer tags in Wyoming as a youth. My home state is cheap, comparatively, and makes it easy to be a weekend warrior with limited time off of work.
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    rifle for elk?

    Not to beat a dead horse,but a 270 will be just fine. Just be accurate. 150 grain has been the best for the family 270.
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    Elk Tag/Hunt Dilemma

    Took my first goat there. I was putting in since I was 12.
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    Clolorado OTC second thoughts

    You mean fun ;)
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    Clolorado OTC second thoughts

    Get out of the truck and off the main trails and you'll be just fine.
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    Thoughts on rain gear

    Since you only do one hunt a year, I would recommend getting a solid color jacket and pant. That way you have dual purpose for back home. I have both the Kuiu Chugach and Yukon. I got both used and at a steep discount. Paid $500 total for both sets. You don't need top of the line, but something...
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    Commercial Backpack meal brands

    Off Grid Heather's Choice
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    First year elk calling

    I started off with a mellow yellow and a raging bull palate plate calls from Rocky Mountain Hunting calls. Lots of youtube videos on how to do the calls. I would then pause and try to mimic the calls. I'm not an expert on calling, but I can make the sounds I need to in the heat of the moment.
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    Welcome it HT!