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    Are 4 season tents needed for mid-season (October-early November)

    Another option to think of. Hilleberg does sell a mesh liner for some of there 4 season tents. The 4 season inner tent can be unclipped and a completely mesh inner tent can be clipped in. It does add to the cost though. Or you can run different tents for different seasons/weather expected.
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    410 elk are killing me,,,,,

    It did seem like the majority of people I came across last year were south of crooked creek, But that makes since with the amount of tags they issued. Hard hunting last year with how dry everything was.
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    Freeze Dried Meals

    Been a big fan of the peak meals lately- chicken curry being my current favorite. Have picked them up directly, through blackovis, or other promos that pop up. Also big fan of the Alpen Fuel granola- Carmel apple being my current favorite
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    Something not Gun Control Related

    Wow! Right time right place for sure, for the photographer!
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    Favorite animal to hunt?

    Has changed over the years. But currently would have to go with Mountain Goats! Just something about being in the alpine that cant be beat!
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    MT Unlimited

    This about sums it up, I couldnt have said it better. Good luck this year
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    This woman had a crappy day

    Worse day ever!! Would have called it a loss with the phone!
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    I’m that Guy

    Mountain goat and sheep!!! CONGRATS!! Should be an awesome season for you. Hope you decide to continue this thread and take us along on the journey!!
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    Montana draw

    Well here we go, Looks like they started the drawing
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    2022 shed thread

    You should add some Damascus knifes to your collection! :ROFLMAO:
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    Have you ever seen a wolverine in the wild?

    Seen 1. A few years back, fairly deep in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness-Montana.
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    Balloons - let's see 'em

    WOW!! Bad enough finding balloons, now they are going to be filled with dog shit???
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    100 bucks or less sunglasses

    Yep, I would agree on the Sunclouds in that price range.
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    MT FWP app

    No tags for you this year I guess