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    Enjoying a Quiet Friday

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    Enjoying a Quiet Friday

    Sitting here staring at a fire sipping good whiskey, contemplating which leupold scope I want to put on the .308 my girlfriend got me for my birthday. Congrats on the degree.
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    Sons First Elk Rifle - Poll

    Well as my handle implies I’m a big fan of 7-08. I have one and 2-3 of my boys have one and the only reason the middle one doesn’t is he bought a 243 off his uncle for cheap. I wouldn’t hesitate to use 140 accubond for elk out of 7-08 for myself or kids.
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    Missouri Elk Conservation Success Story

    Myself and my two oldest sons are in!!!!
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    Family Bluegillin'

    Very nice!! Bluegill eat very very well.
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    Friday music

    This one came out when I was in high school and we all had pickups and gun racks with guns in them.
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    Happy birthday Cush!!!
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    Favorite Country Albums

    When quarantine ends!!
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    Good first week in Missouri!!

    Yes that was mine. Had 10” and 8” beards.
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    Good first week in Missouri!!

    Hello all,I’ve been a bit MIA on here due to some life changes and adapting to them but thought I’d share some pics from turkey season here in MO. By far my best season ever, myself and all three of my boys tagged out in the first week!! Mine was 7:15 opening day, my youngest was the second day...
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    Board of Fame (x2)

    Thats awesome!!
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    Opening day of Baseball

    I miss baseball, its my favorite sport aside from hunting. It sucks because it is my sons senior year of high school and as of now no baseball. I hate it.