Use Promo Code Randy for 20% off OutdoorClass

Yuge Memorial Day Sale!! Save even more on GoHunt & Outdoor Class


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Jun 4, 2015
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Our friends at GoHunt are throwing down the gauntlet for Memorial Day which TONS of stuff on sale.

Here's the main beef OR you can check out the article with some selected gear here

Sign up for GoHunt Insider and get 100 points toward their gear shop. Use promo code: RANDY (This is 50 pts more than usual!)

The GoHunt Gear Shop is gamified, meaning the more gear you buy from GoHunt, the more you save. Each purchase gives you points, and each point essentially equals a dollar. So, pay $150 for Insider and essentially get $100 to spend in the GoHunt store. Promo code “Randy” also gets you 10% off most full-priced items stocked in the store, meaning you’re either saving money or earning points.

Sign Up for GoHunt Explorer and get 50 toward their gear shop. Use promo code: RANDY

For those of you who are looking for something less tag-oriented and more map-oriented, you can sign up for GoHunt’s Explorer level ($50/year) and get 50 points toward the store.

Get 30% off Outdoor Class with promo code: RANDY (This is 10% more than usual)

Randy currently has two Outdoor Classes published with the educational masters, and he has one more currently in the works. You can watch and learn from his Rifle Elk course in addition to his class that focuses entirely on Pronghorn hunting. And with 30% off, you’re looking at just $70 for the year.

Get up to 50% off hand-curated items in GoHunt’s massive online store

Any questions, holla!

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