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Dec 7, 2015
My buddy and I was fortunate enough to draw a general elk tag for WY this year. We were unable to bring one down with the bow. I live in NE and want to make a quick trip back out to Area 3 to fill this tags with a rifle. We were both targeting bulls in September naturally but now we just want meat and not let the tag go to waist especially with the money we spent to acquire it.

I know that internet scouting is poo poo but I am running into dead ends. Can anyone help guide me to an area I should focus on. Please PM me so it is not broadcasted. I will be kind and return information on a public location we hunted on the western part of the state that we were in the bulls every morning. You just have to be willing to hump in a ways and be better at scent control than we were.
I understand there are free trespass ranches/land when you register for a pass. Area 3 is very beneficial to us as we live in eastern Nebraska so we would leave Friday and hope to return late Sunday so we can help the wife and kids Monday morning. Basically hunt all day Saturday and early morning Sunday.

Grateful for any help or advice.
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Jun 8, 2009
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Good luck, as there is no BLM land in unit 3 and the state lands are really scattered south of hwy 26 where your tag is good for. That entire unit is almost all private ranches.