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WY Antelope and AZ youth elk deer javalena


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Jan 3, 2017
Trying to do what some say can't be done. 7 tags 4 units from Ohio to Wyoming to Arizona and back with, 5 cases of coors batch 19 and 3 bottles of crown peach and 2 crown carmel for some hunting buddies, before rabbit check at county fair is over at noon on Sat 10th.
We left later than planned because trying to make sure all lose ends were taken care of for wife to take care of animals on farm. Of course her car wouldn't start day before we wanted to leave.
We got on road at 4am Monday morning the 28th. This trip is Grandpa and 2 of my kids. My son and I have antelope doe tags in 32. My son has cow elk and Javalena in unit 10 and deer in 4 units around Prescott. My daughter has Javalena in 10. I also have a turkey tag in 12 on Kaibab. I always wanted to hunt mule deer there. We are bringing camper this time so we can avoid people at hotels and bathrooms.. It is a long way to haul it but only way my mom and wife would let me take the kids and dad.
Got beat up by 70 and 80 in Illinois and Iowa. The road is very wavy. When we stopped for portillios and free birthday cake in Illinois I couldn't straighten my back all the way. We drove through night and when sun was coming up took a ghost pic. All the kids are into being a ghost somewhere in picture. 20200929_060542.jpg
The sun came up and I was like John Denver is full of crap. I thought the rocky mountains would be.....rocky. We got doughnuts in Cheyenne cause Jerry's Doughnuts is closed permanently. So sad I never got to go in and get one always closed when went by.
Tire blew on camper just out of Cheyenne. So had to change and then go find spare. Everyone said at least 3 hr wait. Went by tire place looked slow so stopped and got us on way 10 min. Forgot to get gas in Larime cause of camper and so had to pay 3.49 instead of under 2. Hauling camper has made us so slow. Thought we would be hunting early morning Tuesday instead of evening. I will post the hunt soon.

dirtclod Az.

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Jan 24, 2018
Sounds like a life experience...Good luck, and have fun!
Javelina, it's on your tag. ha! ha!
Above all be safe. 💥

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