Welcome Back BCA



Due to popular demand, and a good repremanding from some of my friends here, I have no choice but to welcome you back BCA. I hope we can get back to normal and talk hunting here. I am sorry for my part in the mudslinging, as I am sure you are also sorry for your part. I may not agree with some of the things you say and do, but I will refrain from expressing those differences. The internet is wierd thing sometimes, and is certainly different than it used to be as far as getting to know somebody. Again I am very sorry and ashamed that this got carried away, and like I said before everyone makes mistakes including me. I have made my share, in this affair. I hope you will accept my apology and I will request Oscar, to let me delete these posts so you can start fresh. My most humble apology to everyone. see ya. bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes