We Made It and Heres What I got!!

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Over 2500 total miles NH to Wisc and back.Got all the dogs and the equipment. The guy I bought out, from Idaho, seems like a real nice guy and a straight shooter. I think that i got a real good deal and I bet the dogs are as advertised.Of course you never know till you run them. I have bought enough dogs over the last few years to have a really good feel about this deal though. I could tell the guy didnt want to sell out but family and work time wasnt allowing him to hunt the dogs right and he couldnt see them just sitting on a chain.
The main rig dog is a 7 yr old grade dog.She is supposed to be a real top cold nosed strike dog on bear,lion,and cat. He said she dry ground strikes lions from the rig consistently. I have never hunted lions but he told me a dog has to have a real good nose to do that.
There is a 3 yr old grade female that he said is a excellent rig dog but not as cold nosed as the older dog. She isnt much to look at but that never concerned me much. The only looks I care about is how they looks under a tree.LOL
There was also a almost 2 yr old reg walker.He is out of GRCH GRNTCH Marlers Midnight Rodeo.Any of you walker guys know of him??? This young dog is supposed to be really cranking and striking ahead of the other dogs at times although he is not broke yet.He is real good looking.
That Nance bred dog Tobey was talking about will be 8 this summer.She is super looking and extremely well big game bred.She doesnt rig but is supposed to be an excellent track and tree dog on cats and bears.
The 2 yr old bluetick is all Smokey River and Utchman bred.She is wicked good looking and supposed to be doing real well for a young dog.She just turned 2 and he told me she is making every tree with an awesome mouth.
There were also 2 grade 7 month old pups out of the 3 yrold female and a reg redtick bear dog.He bred to the redtick because he said he was a great bear dog.The pups are beautiful.
So you guys think I am anxious to go for a run or what????????
I have the same 2 dogs,Spot and Whiskey that I have had right along.The 2 of them alone are a good bear pack. I am hoping that these new dogs are going to turn into a great pack with the 2 I already have.Time will tell.Where i am guiding full time this fall I really needed some more firepower.I hope I got it.LOL


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Feb 28, 2001
Sandpoint, ID, USA
Allright George! Sounds like quite a haul. Hope all the dogs work out great for you. Glad you got a good vibe from the seller, ya know you really have to watch out for those northern Idaho boys! I was wishing I'd found out who he was. I would have run down and given him a beer to give you (he's gotta be within 10-15 miles of my house). Probably won't have any more opportunities to have a courier service like that. Good luck and keep us posted.


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Feb 17, 2001
Talmage, Utah
LOL you musta took a 3/4 ton truck to haul back all that stuff. Sounds like you got some good prospects....looking forward to a few stories and some pics....good luck with the new pack

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