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Trophy room build


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Mar 29, 2014
Upper Green River, WY
I have been wanting a for-real, bona fide, trophy room/bar/mancave/whatever for a while. Had mounts and racks all over the place and wanted to get them all in one place, out of the direct sun, and in a place where I could enjoy them.
So I finally got around to it this year. We had a huge garage with 12 ft walls that was way bigger than we needed for a couple cars. So, I built a much smaller garage and transformed my old garage into the new cave. A lot of work, but I am so satisfied to have a place to remember all of my favorite hunts. And, to top it off, I had just finished it up in time to watch my favorite hockey team hoist the Stanley Cup!
IMG_20220406_143123.jpg IMG_20220417_094703.jpg IMG_20220508_152345.jpg
IMG_20220516_094122.jpg IMG_20220517_181724.jpg IMG_20220517_181805.jpg IMG_20220524_193336.jpg IMG_20220524_195145.jpg IMG_20220624_140626.jpg IMG_20220525_184252.jpg

Corn king 60

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Feb 4, 2021
Wow 🤩 very nice
did you by chance build a gun vault into a wall. I’m thinking of the vault project for myself