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Jul 11, 2021
I was having a little pity party about getting old n not out hunting. I friend reminded me. The outdoors has a way of entering in to who we are. And doesn't let go.
For me. I started out young growing up in northern WI. Taking pot shots at every critter that moved with my bb gun. Selling crawlers n returnable bottles to buy fishing gear n 22 shorts. Pushing our 12' Jon boat over a mile each way to the lake to go fishing. Daily.
Moving to AK and being on the end of the road has helped me access the bush from our back door. Eventually building a remote log cabin. Freighting many tons of supplies with a snogo across hopefully frozen rivers n creeks that are under the snow 10'. Breaking trail through some pretty tough stuff. Getting stuck breaking down miles from anywhere. Hooking up to a thousand pound load of freight and heading out. There is so much light from the moon and stars that you could read a newspaper. Then the northern lights appear in waves across the sky. Gotta stop n have a slug of whiskey n beer at 20 below. Laying back on the backpack containing your life. Or what you got , because it's all you got when things go bad. But you've been to bad and for now everything in the world is perfect.
Or just getting dropped off on a remote lake n hiking up a couple miles to the cabin. Finally getting that monkey off my back that yearns for stepping out of everyone elses world and into mine. As the floatplane disappears. I know I'm on my time my dime. Maybe others can express the feelings inside better than me.
But for me it's near the best. Or when I'm out n still hunting myself around on land that likely nobody has ever walked near and the animals interactions end with planes flying overhead. People not so much. It's still a bit wild. And can bite hard.
Knowing that if I fall over a dead fall n land in a pothole with a broken body, I'm OK with that n feel prepared. Getting whacked by a grizzly bear , just part of the fire inside.
I was blessed to be able to do this. I had the opportunity and took what I could.
Sure glad there are still public places to do this. And wish you all have the opportunity to follow that inner drive that is the outdoors. And remember take one make one. I had the opportunity because my dad and mom supported me. And I was willing to see what was beyond the next ridge. Just doing what I do
Hope I didn't go on too long. Got the bug I guess
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