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Jul 11, 2021
Last weekend was a very special day for me. I finally got to go on a snogo ride with our grandson. He is 5 n been practicing for 2 years now. Just around the house. His mama went out for a ride to check on trail conditions. Came in the door n exclaimed that he could take his first ride out on an actual trail ride. I was certainly more happy than anyone anywhere. Extatic I think. I had dreamed for many hours, waiting for this day. We've had his mama out since she was born. And while freighting cabin supplies in the winter, northern lights dancing above dreaming of the day we can all ride out to our families cabin n spend a few nights together as a family. I know that going out with our daughter n son when he harvested his first moose will always be with me.
To me , going out with our grandson probably feels even better because I had to work a lot while our kids were smaller. Our daughter was commenting recently about how dad was either working hunting or fishing while they were growing up. I have always enjoyed my jobs n had kids to pay for. And time from work meant time to find food for my family. And probably a big heaping of a passion that kinda controls me. Hey we make it work fine.
Now I have the time, and even a bit more knowledge. And a new little buddy to hang with. Can't hardly wait to get him out hunting, he practices. We have been fishing in the summer. And now he can ride his own snogo n go ice fishing. Yeehaa. And only have a couple more feet of snow to melt n we can go moose antler hunting in the spring. While foraging some fiddlehead ferns, morals n the grayling are running.
My dreams can come true. But to me the most important part is providing opportunities. Opportunities to enjoy n explore the outdoors like I have. Share my world with my family. This is the most important part n also the most pleasurable. I can watch our kids bring their families into our world.
Short story. One day I was looking down on our kids. Brother n sister. Riding the 4 wheeler with a load of freight behind headed north towards our cabin. Working together. Unbenounced to me they had planned a little surprise for me. Our daughter was out for a few days while we were still trying to harvest her first moose. Was time to fly back out. We get to the lake n watch for the plane. It glides up to the old beaver house that serves as our dock with holes. And I see our son on board. They had planned on him coming out n both of them given the cabin a good cleaning n putting up enough firewood for the winter. So I didn't have to. So that when me n my beautiful wife go out on the snogos we could just sit back n chill.
I will always cherish that moment. It's kinda like a passing of the torch. This cabin will hopefully be in our family for many generations. For our kids n grandchildren n more. It's real nice to be able to feel like you can leave something for the future generations. And millions of public lands to explore.
I have had the pleasure of calling in the first moose that our son harvested, 58" non typical. And just maybe I can enjoy those same feelings with our daughter and now grandson n his 2 cousins.
Yeppers I felt real proud. After the plane lifted from the water. The pilot Dave asked if I wanted to circle back n watch the kids from the air. Looking down, our 2 kids working together, they have to as they are all each other has. They are remote n on their own. A big day for this dad n proud papa. Many many hours of dreams of this moment.
While me n our daughter were at the cabin I was restricted by her to sitting on the front deck doing moose calls. While she did all the work, cooking loading the stove cutting firewood. She packed 75 pounds on her back for 2 miles from the lake to the cabin on our way in while I had my ditty bag backpack.
The 4 wheeler needed the carburetor cleaned so she handled that n rebuilt it. Along with the fuel pump.
When they arrived at the cabin, after stopping to give a few cow moose in heat calls. They pulled up front of the cabin to unload the supplies, looked back around the cabin to see a mid forty bull stand next to the generator shed/ walk in cooler. We already had freezers full of moose n they have seen enough moose to size them. They watched him graze around the cabin while they unloaded. Eventually wandering off looking for the lady that was supposed to be waiting for him. They only have a day or so to breed so he would have only gotten a fight in his real life. All of us got to continue on down the trail for another day. Huh wonder how big that bull is now.


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Sep 25, 2009
Yeppers I felt real proud. After the plane lifted from the water. The pilot Dave asked if I wanted to circle back n watch the kids from the air. Looking down, our 2 kids working together, they have to as they are all each other has. They are remote n on their own. A big day for this dad n proud papa. Many many hours of dreams of this moment
Pretty cool! I selected the portion that brought a quality smile for a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing.

The sentiment in your entire post would be a nice, memorable reflection for your future generations to view. Maybe take the reflection from you and your wife, engrave, burn into a placard, or whatever would endure time for your future generations to embrace the deep value for your intentions.

Enjoyable read.


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Jul 11, 2021
Thanks folks. I'm just proud that I have the opportunities that I have and can help our family. I would like to fly out as soon as the ice is off the lake so end of May or so. The undergrowth will be down. And going out for a walk about to hunt moose antlers and forage some fresh fiddlehead ferns. And just hang out, watch a bonfire n chill. Let the kids roam around.
Also privileged to live in a land where I can go stake some land and build a cabin. And have more opportunities for spending some very special times in a whole different world. At least to me anyhows. With some very special family and friends. And enjoy our public lands.
A couple of pictures. The last one is the beaver house that is at the end of the lake. A great place to take a nap, er I mean, sit in the sunshine n relax while making calls. Just not too sure I would harvest a moose in there but something I enjoy doing. Just the canoe ride is great. Usually some swans or loons around. And the little pond in front of the cabin. Mom's pond. My favorite place to hunt. And just a short distance from the cabin to. The terrain leads the game through a wooded corridor with pinch points on the ends. Our son harvested his first moose from this blind 58" non typical. I could sit out here for days I think. I do stay out after dark n try to spot a wolf as they cruise this area frequently.
My beautiful wife n I were blessed to be able to listen in on a moose kill just out front of the cabin one evening. Listening in a cat fight between a couple lynx is quite the rucus. Just the world as it turns in the bush.
Again thanks all for the kind words. Hopefully some folks will be a bit inspired to get out n take one make one.


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