Solo cow elk hunt

May 10, 2021
Part of the reason I went with a cow tag on this hunt was because I knew it would likely be a solo hunt. I've packed out deer on my own but an elk would be a new challenge. I chose the spot and unit based on knowledge that I could likely find elk close to a road. I was about a mile away from the truck. I use the gutless method and get the elk quartered, backstraps, tenderloins, and as much neck, flank and rib meat I can. All the meat is hung and cooling in the trees. It is actually pretty cool and getting windy as more rain seems to be threatening to come in. I took 5 trips in and out with some nice up and down hill slogs in there. I was beat after it all but feeling accomplished. Photo was taken when I loaded up my last quarter. Time for a beer!
Nice job Kelly! I've been going out solo on my first cow elk hunt, and you just had the very hunt I hope to have soon. What a blast! Thanks for the inspiration! Good write up too.


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Apr 24, 2021
Opening day was here! It had rained on and off throughout the night. The morning was overcast and as the sun rose a slight fog set in. I made my way to my most promising glassing spot where I had spotted the spike the evening prior.
As the sun rose I glassed intently searching for any sign of feeding elk. 30 minutes in... nothing. Where were they?
I hear a high pitched bugle to the west of me. I listen for an answer... nothing. 3 minutes passes and another Bugle sounds off. The same pattern repeats a few times from the same spot. Has to be a hunter right?
I glass for a little while longer but I am seeing nothing and my curiosity is peaked. I pack up my tripod and binos and head up the ridge to scoot over to the next finger and see what is going on.
Very cool write up. Just curious, what were you using for optics for glassing and for your rifle scope?

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