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May 26, 2019
Moving to Alaska for a Summer Job with Fish and Game for the next 3months. Was going back and forth if I wanted to try to squeeze in hunt in and figured "Hey if I am getting the opportunity to live in Alaska might as well make (and spend$) the most of it.

Being the only hunter I know, figure I'd look here and see if anyone was also looking to make last minute decisions going to hunt Alaska Unit 6D PWS. I am looking at Hawkins, Hitchinbrook, and Montague Islands. Drop off Camp Late August Early September. If you had your hunting partner or group cancel on you and were thinking, outfitter, float plane, cabins, DIY, whatever and needed another guy that makes rash decisions(and splits cost) I am the guy. I am just looking at making the most of the experience I am blessed at having.

Regardless of what happens, if anyone is looking for a person or if I am going to spend my days looking for locals who want to take a good ole WI Boy out, I will use this thread if that's alright for pictures and what not....might need to change where the category is if it becomes a lot of fish.

If anyone has any gear recommendations or advice from their first SE experience that would be extremely helpful. I have been browsing a lot of threads and trying to soak information.

BTW another selling point is I will be around game biologists and locals a decent amount of time I should be able to gather a good amount information, I just don't think Alaska is something you try to tackle alone hunting wise.

Thanks for reading my incoherent rant. Have a good one and thanks in advance if you have any advice.
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Aug 17, 2017
Good rain gear is a must, my first year I went cheap and paid for it, soaked to the skin whenever it rained (a lot). Next year I bought some good first lite rain gear and it made a world of difference. Also, we used Hillsound Trail crampons on our boots, it's like 4-wheel drive when climbing wet, steep mountains. Some good quality binos, I had 10X42's first year with a 20-60X80 spotter, but switched to just 12x50 bino's the next year w/o the spotter to lighten the load a bit. I think this is the way I would go, if I did it again. I used them on a tripod, makes a huge diff over just hand held. Trekking poles are also very helpful when climbing or coming back down with a heavy load of deer meat. Also used gaitors, to help keep the lower legs/feet dry. It can be a tough hunt, I always say I'll never do it again , but after a few months go by and you start thinking about the memories, it draws you back! Good Luck!


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Sep 30, 2021
Sounds like a fun trip. I got to visit SE once during the time I lived in Anchorage, it was gorgeous. I was there visiting my girlfriend (now wife) who lived on POW. Everyone kept saying how lucky I was to get such good weather while I was there, and it was nice, but it still rained every day. Stay dry, stay warm, and bring insect repellent!! The no-see-ums will get through just about any clothing.
Best of luck!