Rem 700 mountain ss vs Christenson mesa


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Apr 6, 2013
Western Colorado
I have owned both, and just recently was let down by Remington again, after, against my better judgement, giving them another shot. My dad owns a Rem 700 BDL in 30-06 that is from the 70's. Awesome rifle. Very accurate and reliable weapon and it's well put together. Fast forward to today, I bought a 7mm/08 mtn rifle earlier this spring. Fit was off, trigger was absolute garbage, and the finish on the bottom plate was a joke. It shot ok, but nothing special, especially for the price point. Final straw was I took out to the range last weekend, 3 miss fires. Tried a different ammo 2 more out of ten rounds. I'm sure it was maybe something simple, but I do not have time to mess with it. Rifle either works for me, or their gone. 3 years ago I bought a Rem 700 in .308 from a local store here at a great price. Fit and finish were ok, shot ok. One day in the garage while cleaning it, I had oiled the bolt and was working the action, I didn't notice it at first, but the firing pin dropped while cycling the bolt. Took me a min to realize what happened. I then worked the action 22 times and it did it again. I was able to repeat this every 22 to 25 cycles of the bolt. That rifle was gone to a local gunsmith, at another loss, with full disclosure, who was going to go through it and try and do something with it. Just do a simple google search and you will see hundreds of threads on the crap Remington is producing.

I love the 700 action, and what it once was. You can't beat it for availability of parts and reliability. I just don't trust Remington to make it anymore. That being said the CA Mesa is a great rifle, at a more than fair price. I have had zero issues with mine, and had it out for 4 seasons now. It's my go to rifle for everything. I shoot .5 MOA with Eld-x handloads. Also, I was impressed how when you call them you talk to an actual human that will answer any questions or comments that you have.

Either way, good luck your decision.