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Big Fin

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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Many of you have written/emailed stating that you have registered, but may not yet have posting capability. The reason is that you have not finalized your registration by replying to the email confirmation that is sent to you immediately upon registration.

Here is the deal:

Once you register, you will get a confirmation email. You need to reply to that email to confirm to us that you are a real user.

We compare your IP address from that email to known spamming addresses. We have to do this to confirm that you are a registered user, not a SPAMMER. Wish it didn't have to be that way, but spammers love hunting sites, so we have this extra step.

So, if you have recently registered and find you cannot post, check your SPAM bin. Your email confirmation request may have been dumped into your spam bin by your anti- virus software.

Upon receiving your reply to the confirmation email, you will be fully registered, able to post on any thread on the site, and be registered for all the prizes we will be giving away over the next six months.

Thanks for signing up. Looking forward to your stories and pictures.
Not open for further replies.