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Feb 4, 2023
@Big Fin , how do these classes compare to something like the "master hunter program"?
Do you guys have any content centering around ethics, land use, leave no trace, landowner-hunter relationships?
I ask because you are often held up as the shining example of hunter recruitment, which I applaud you for, but are we teaching these new folks more than just how to be an effective hunter?

As Im sure you are aware there is a lot of talk in the various commission meetings about hunter behavior/attitudes and it would be nice if we could show that we are at least trying to teach new hunters to have strong ethics.

I think often those of us who grew up with strong mentors and generally engaged in the life style of the west forget to share some of the most basic things that we do.

Simple things like your video on "how to poop in the woods" comes to mind.
I wished I had access to that "how to poop in the woods" video before my first time. Possibly related subject, I wish there were more graphics on what poison ivy looks like. Maybe some notes to not have Indian cuisine before having to do this your first time. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do things all over again for a much more favorable outcome.....

I do agree about the ethics classes. But my guess is those that don't care will still ruin it for those that do. There are always some things that could be geared more for hunting out west, for those that may live in states that are much different in the midwest. Quartering versus whole animal on BLM or BMA properties...... If you are 3 miles back in away from a drivable road, and it is a walk-in only, should you feel bad for leaving the carcass?

Big Fin

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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
John Barklow's course, Backcountry Mission Planning, just went live today. This one is filled with a lot of great information. You get all these courses, plus the University of Elk Hunting, in the same susciption.

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