Oregon cow

Brittany Chukarman

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Dec 16, 2003
Today turned out to be a good day to look for elk. We had some snow yesterday and I like going mid-week. Right off the bat I glassed a herd on a sagebrush ridge.They were already on the move. I hiked up to cut them off and had them twice at 300 yards but just couldn't get into a steady position. They headed towards the forest. There was a chance I could spot them crossing the sage if I drove to the base of the mountains east of them. I never made it there. I'd drove a couple miles when I came across fresh tracks from another herd crossing the road. I was surprised to find them in the glass immediately. They were bedded on a ridge a mile away where they could see every approach. I drove up the road out of their view and decided to hike towards them from the north. It took me awhile to get over there and they had moved. I found where they were bedded and started following their tracks. Glassing ahead I found them bedded on an open slope a mile ahead.They were in a good place for a stalk if the ridge I would have to shoot from was within my shooting range. As I reached the top of the ridge I had to crawl the last 40 yards to a fence where I would have to shoot from. I picked out a rock jack that forked on top and was the right height to shoot from. When I got there I ranged them with my Leupold 1000 at 331 yards. I checked my reticle card and waited about 5 minutes for my heart to slow down. I picked one out and heard the bullet strike. She leaped out of her bed and circled and went down in 8-10 seconds. I was really lucky in that she went down 25 yards off an old 2 track. After taking care of her I hiked back to the truck, unloaded the 4wheeler and drove on roads right to her. She was bigger that I thought. I don't think I could have packed a hind leg without breaking it down. Freezers are now full.


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Jan 23, 2008
Eastern Idaho
Excellent, Sounds like a great day. Gotta love it when things fall into place.....and near a road


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Jan 8, 2015
Now That is a real trophy!
A big ol' cow down! to a road....bonus points.
It's the occational easy recovery that makes up for how many you wind up with on your back.
Not complaining too much about these easy ones these days myself.