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One crazy moose hunt


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Jul 11, 2021
It was the last day of moose hunting season. My buddy n me were up n on the road in the dark. Neither of us had been successful and it was pouring rain. We headed down a dead end road n turned around. Had a cup of coffee trying to figure out where to hunt. The fog was just lifting as the outline of a moose appeared before our eyes across a muskkeg bog along with another. A cow moose with a yearling spike fork. My buddy had a cow tag n this was a legal bull moose as per the new regulations . And it just stopped raining.
We're not road hunters. And were waiting for the sun to rise n rain to hopefully lighten up. We walked off the road a safe triple legal distance and both shot. My little bull dropped. My buddy hit the cows spine. Her back end down front up. Not a nice situation. Happens there was a house a bit down the road on the other side of the road. The owner hollering at us they are her pet moose.
We are on state public land and very cognizant of the house and bullet direction. There was nothing in that direction until Russia. And certainly wanting to be as courteous as we can. Well by now my buddy is flipping out n doesn't want to disturb this lady any more and doesn't want to shoot a gun.
Were going to have to slit it's throat and humanly dispatch the moose. He's never been around animals and no help. I grew up with horses n handled the situation.
This has to be the craziest moose hunt I've done. Everything was legal and we were both able to fill our tags on the last day. Still not sure how I feel about this though.
We even went back n removed the gut piles early the next day. My buddy doing the gag walk the entire time. Maybe a bit of poetic justice.
Man that was kinda crazy

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