Once in a lifetime

6mm Remington

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Nov 4, 2014
Westen Montana
I'd sure like to see SHEEP, MOOSE, & MOUNTAIN GOAT go to once in a lifetime draw in MONTANA. (Not counting ewe sheep and cow moose for management tags.) I know that it won't dramatically increase your odds or my odds in ever getting a tag, but I don't think anyone deserves more than one of these fabulous animals. I'm tired of every year it seems like I know another person who is now on their second ram tag, or moose tag.

I've put in now for sheep and moose for 37 years in Montana and have not drawn a permit. It took me 33 years to draw a mountain goat tag! The populations tanked in the district I drew and even though I hunted very hard, I never got a goat. IN fact I only saw ONE goat from when I started scouting in June clear to the end of the season in November. I still feel it should be once in a lifetime. I had an incredible summer and fall and worked my ass off and saw some incredible scenery. It was a wonderful experience and I have a lot of memories.


old man

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Aug 14, 2011
shelton CT.
I agree, no one should take more than 0ne, that is why when I took my bighorn in wyo. I gave up my ten years of points in CO, MONT. AR. and UT. there is nothing better than a sheep hunt and I believe every hunter should have the chance to take one.